3.12.3 Hotfix

what the hell as happened? wheres the loot?
nothing drops out form normal chests anymore, are you messing with us?
Grand Heists absolutely unplayable, the frames were at a constant 1fps or less at least in Smuggler's Den. I popped Geforce Experience and filmed the entire GH, can send if needed.

In normal heists i've died to a dead enemy's attacks even after the effects are gone, you just wipe in an empty room, cant remember which heist it was. (the red charged ball was the attack in question).

Crashed in Grand Heists, logged back in and the remaining wings inaccessible.
Cmon, what is this.

D/cing a lot in heist. I can map for hours and never d/c, but I d/c 1 out 3 contracts.

I even had one contract that I escaped said I got 727 exp. To get outside didn't get any xp and my inventory was empty like if I died.
Saw that patch is up... I run a magic lvl 67 heist... A Dying Breath drop unid... I move a little bit and bang crashed... Guess heist crash arent fixed at all...

You know, until you guys fix all the disconnect/crash to desktop, you should allow player to keep their item from Heist. It's pointless to do a Grand heist if you can lose everything on the blink of an eye.
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lol such a bad patch.
I crash more than before...
wow, just wow... and I usually never post in forums.
cancel this league, its embarrassing.
game started crashing with this patch,
~ every 2nd map
sometimes in hideout
They just make random changes to code and push the patch hoping for the best.
You don't have a clue, do you?

GGG employees:

CTD 3/5 Heist maps, ilvl anywhere from 72-80 just to test stuff... Not even going to bother wasting my time with GH.

Should really just stop trying to patch this BS of a "league" and start something else.

I would be embarrassed working for a company that claims to "release great new content" and it's "going to be the most exciting league yet"... get real.
Still getting random CTDs during metamorphs. This has been going on since harvest. Still getting random CTDs during flesh sculptor mobpack heists. Still getting random CTDs when the game fucking feels like it. Reinstalled, updated drivers, got a beast of a machine, none of this matters.

Your game is more unstable than I am. How the fuck are you managing this when you make so much money off the backs of gambling addicts with your shitty boxes?
IGN Bow_Virginity_Broken
TreeOfDead wrote:
ty but fix or remove doors pls and keep ban bots!

If there were no hecking doors people would just phase through everything, and at that point the league mechanic may as well not even exist.
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