3.12.3 Hotfix

Chameleon wrote:
Still getting hard crashes to desktop when using Tibs. This has been a fantastic league, sigh
EDIT - Another crash to desktop, with a different rogue this time.

playboystepz wrote:
still got game crash w/o any error report.... idk what happend here
and only from heist contact LOL just waiting for fix

Guys, are you tried to detect if it's related not to a rogue, but to location? Because I also have CTDs but only when playing contracts in Forgotten Library. Others locations are stable for me.
crashing every second heist playing a syndicate operatives necro
infuriating wasnt happening before this patch
An how about Phantasmal Summon Skeletons ? so slowly move/attack speed and than sum projectile support gem cant not use with archer skeleton ? just let us know if you still fixing it or let it like that
Yo! Fix Crash crash crash look like a best news!!!
Before! i used PackCheck to fixed file error but not working, sometimes till got crashed. Hope this fix will fix them all ,haha!

thump up :)
Every single heist I get crash, AWESOME patch, it's much, much worse than before.
Heist is like a lottery. I thought you fixed this bugged "kicked to server"-heist...

Disconnects while opening heists or grand heists.
With necro and with trickster.


release tags/3.12.3

Fix your game please. This league is unplayable.
Heist keeps crashing, especially with thaumaturgy and exiting a heist.

Since new patch, already 3 crashes without any information.

The layout is nice, less doors are nice but crashes arent worth it..
did 100++ heists before the nerf to loot maybe 2 crashes in total.

started heists again with this patch, 4 contracts in and 2 crashes already.
the hype to finally play the league mechanic again pretty much gone, nice.

have necro aegis skilled, maybe the bug is still there?

putting in a semi hardcore mechanic and having the game in the most unstable state i have ever seen it in, 4 weeks into the league blows my mind....
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2 out of 3 heists STILL CRASHING.
I think they wanted pc players to feel empathy for the ps4 players, thus let them feel the pain of constant crashes.

GGG is always so compassionate towards their players.

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