[3.12] Blazing Salvo Mines - All Content - League Starter - Conqs/Sirus


As my second league character this has killed everything in the game so far. A8 Sirus (almost deathless but I'm not great at bosses), Uber Elder/Shaper, all the Conqs and anything else you might want to farm. Didn't have much to start with on this toon but it doesn't need much to get rolling.

10.14.2020 -


So with this build I have my detonate setup on my LMB and Salvo Mine on my RMB and has made mines more enjoyable then how I use to play. Use whatever detonate works for you though.

Now one thing I noticed is that the detonate on LMB will always unclick from "Always Attack Without Moving" so each new instance I click it. Now I had someone tell you dont need too, but I feel the interaction doesnt work well if you leave it off and your Tremor "Mines can be detonated an addition time" doesnt work so well. Maybe just crazy but let me know what you think.

Bosses: So for bossing typically I'll throw down my max mines and dash towards the boss to get them activate. Then throw a Arcanist Brand on the boss and keep kiting will throwing mine. They dont have to be at the bosses feet or anything.

Defense So there isn't any real defense here, kind of over the place but focusing on Dodge and a high life pool. 5300 and I feel ok to take one hit before Im slamming my flask but for most part you can run and gun.


POB Fork: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases

Also there is a leveling tree.

POB : https://pastebin.com/0Ce67TnH - You need the community fork!

10.9 PoB(current) https://pastebin.com/LvR6QQ3Y
I dropped my +1 salvo helm for Indigon. Not going full mana or using it for the extra dps (though you could if you wanted), but using it as more for the Life recovery from mana flask and working out well for surviving.


Blazing Salvo - Combust - Trap & Mine Dmg - Swift Assembly - Charged Mines - Fire Pen

Herald of Ash - Clarity - Skitter Bots - Enlighten

Arcanist Brand - Wave of Conviction - Added Fire Dmg - Flammability (If you have the Curse on Hit ring switch with faster casting)

Movement Skills: Now this is always up to personal preference but I use 2 here.

Smoke Mine - Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge

Now the reason I use 2 is that Dash is for my oh shit I need to get out of the way, while Smoke Mine is more for utility and long gap fillers. Its added movement speed is great along with the smoke it leaves behind and where you arrive for that blind. With second wind you get (4) total charges of Smoke Mine & (2) Dash. They both share the same cool down so you have to just keep in mind but at end game they both just cool down so fast I dont ever worry.



You can pretty much get through with a 4l for most of leveling. By the time of this guide 5-6l corrupts are fairly cheap. Find a High life/Res rolled and use till you make the switch.


Dying Sun for the extra projectiles and AoE. Now depending on what Im doing im switching out my phasing flask for either my mana so I can do no regen maps. Or if I'm bossing I switch to Atziris for the extra dmg.

Gear Breakdown

Helmet - You want to find a helm with +1 projectile as it will really boost your damage quiet a bit.

Tremor Rod - Really looking for the 7l and +2 here at times I wonder if it would be better to find a crafter Rare but it might be to early in the league for something like that. If you cant then just use 2 wands with throwing speed and crit multi

Chest - Kaom's Heart is the go to here but don't switch to it unless you are ready to go 2h as you need a 6l. Other wise life/res rare

Rings - If you can find a decent Flammability on Hit ring with life and res then grab one. It makes a lot of difference as having to manual cast or rely on the Arcanist Brand can suck. Because I went HoA I grabbed a Circle of Anguish and went with mana reserve and inc dmg. Also the added str/flat damage really helped as you will be pushing for a lot of str for the chest.

Amulet - Crit Chance / Multi / Str / Life / Spell Damage Anointed Efficient Explosives. The reduced mana reserve really helps out as not having to worry about mana makes the build feel much better to me. You can always choose something else.


I tend to stick to Soul of the Brine King with my minor floating around between a few Soul of Shakari / Soul of Abberath


Alira or Kill All

I like Alira more though because of the all res/mana/crit multi.


Pyromaniac - Bomb Specialist - Born in the Shadows - Explosives Expert

If you're like me and enjoy all the DPS as soon as you can get it, you can switch Born into the Shadows and Explosives Expert


So while Anger is probably going to end up being more dps, you start getting real low with available mana. Since the change to mines you cant go EB anymore and trying to get the most max reserve reduction on the tree is what my goal was. You throw a lot of mines really fast and not having to worry during a boss is great.


So I'm going for flat spell damage and crit multi. Life would be nice but expensive. We end up with a decent life pool but never bad to add more. If you feel you need it, get life on your jewels. Check PoB for examples.


Before getting to level 12 I used Stormblast Mine - Swift Assembly - Inc Lightning Damage with Orb of Storms linked with Onslaught.

For leveling I’d suggest either Lifespring/Axioms/2 wands with Mine Throwing Speed. Honestly the extra throwing speed made a lot of this quick and easy for me.

12+: Once I hit 12 and go to Merveils I went Blastchain Mine - Blazing Salvo - Combust - Trap & Mine Dmg - Swift Assembly - Charged Mines (I’d say in order of importance but up to you)

38+: Add in Arcanist Brand - Wave of Conviction - Added Fire Dmg - Flammability

41+: Once you get to 41 you can equip a Tremor Rod and eventually add Fire Pen to the rotation now that Blast Chain is free. If you can't afford or get your hands on one and 5-6 link it that's ok. I used my wands below till my yellow tier mapping and it did pretty well.

68+: Time you can use that Kaom’s Heart and really get some nice damage and needed health.

Leveling Gear Tips

If this happens to be your 2 or 20th alt some things I've learned leveling other builds with this setup early on.

Eventually if you can find instead +1 all fire gem wands/sceptres/shield then grab those. The +2 aoe gems from the tabula will just let Salvo dump on everything. Just drop and run and stuff is evaporated

I do Stream and will be pushing this character more and more if I can, you can catch me over at https://www.twitch.tv/everydayengineering If you have any questions or leave your comments below.


https://youtu.be/OpCuw2OH0WU - Deathless A8 Sirus Under 3min kill

https://youtu.be/4jvFdifFekc - Elder Kill

https://youtu.be/5ez7ibB2eJQ - Drox Full Clear

https://youtu.be/n1z7AUyyYec - Redeemer Kill

https://youtu.be/6k32pOE4td4 - Baron Kill

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/757926690 - Cortex Boss Fight

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How does the build fare on 80+ heists?

I played an extremely similar build on 3.10 and it was fairly squishy.
Eh squishy. Some on the one shots can really screw ya. Def not a tanky in your face but with enough life you have that time to move and pray haha. For most part now everything dies before it gets too close. So now its just big bosses really and an occasional open door all one shot projectiles not realizing it and planning haha. Tho aside from that I pretty much do as I please. Any map, any mod, just run and gun and dodge. Could prob drop a jewel node for some life but I dont see it doing enough to warrant the drop. I also always play a heavier DPS style.

Sorry got off track, for heists its great with Tremor Rod. I say that because of the mobs that are always chasing you as you run out, and also that you can remine at the door then when it opens detonate and they seek everything out. Then start throwing more in the doorway. So if you can stay away from projectiles when you can and not actively take them haha its pretty good. Tho at 95 im done trying to level ha
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I decided to play something else this league after playing mines the last two, specifically BL, to give my hands some rest (bless my smartass for getting used to middle mouse detonate), kaoms and tremor on delirium and cloak of defiance last league, and even though i'm having a bunch of fun with what i'm playing this league, there's still something about mines... i just really enjoy them.

Hence why the question, skill might be different but the build is pretty much the same. And just like delirium, this league is 1shot prone but a lot more punishing.

Idk i'll give it a try, if anything it will still be a great boss killer.
Yeah pretty much its def had its fair share of just "wait wtf just killed me" moments but stretched to 5.4k hp and I fair just a bit better. Im just not great reaction time wise.

Tho the heists I have run you can either luck out and have few doors to actually hope and just keep running through and dropping mine. For mapping just throw them out and Salvo just seeks everything out. Been a surprisingly faster clearer then I thought it might be. Bossing tho, its been my bae so far. Never got this far on a build that wasnt just dumb op with gear.
idk about heist but i converted my standard/ex harvest BL miner into this build, just changing the 6 link in tremor rod and swapping wrath for anger, minimal changes on tree, im already killing engame guardians, bosses and morphs with underleveled gems
this is my setup, so BS looks promising, but you really need to plant your mines at mid distance for single targer or the shots will fail

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Oh nice, yeah im still messing around with some changes on the skills and tree. How do you feel it is without Kaoms right now? The massive HP is nice but trying to find a way to not feel so one shotty. Tho thats kind of the game at this point.

Right now just trying to deal with not dying from sirus mechanics, for me theres always too much on the screen for me to see a lot of the floor mechanics.
Hey, thanks for the build, i'm still pretty new to the game and lack experience in HL, it allowed me to easily kill my first Sirus A5 without Kaom, Anguish and Tremor, i just died once very stupidly, it was my own fault, jumped straight into a storm while panic-dodging a "Die" blast, laughed at it, won't do it again, it almost was my first Sirus. :')

+ i realized i forgot to take Phase Acrobatics just after the battle... -.-

I'm not really sure to switch to tremor's and Kaom tbh, manual dodging went very well for me, even without Phase and Atziri's boots, and i have a very decent HP body armor i crafted myself with 142 HP and 8% more life/Mana, with better rings and belt + the jewels i do not have yet on the tree, i'll be not so far from 6K HP imo, and i'll push my DPS higher with +1 wands and amulet, that's enough for me, i do not plan to push him much higher, from what i know lvl 100 is just a dream for people like me and will remain so.

Anyway, tyvm ! :)
Hi, it seems that the pastebin have been deleted - can you repost it?
I got kaoms from another build, and I managed to 6-links a tremor rod with about 100 fuses, so time to roll some miner :)

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