[3.12] Champion TS/Barrage Pure Phys - All Content - Begginer's Friendly

Hi, this is my second guide in path of exile, and I will try describe all my decisions. If you have trouble with the reading, i advise that english isn't my first language, so sorry about that. Let's begin:

1. Introduction

This build was made at patch 3.11, but the idea was create a build who had an aceptable league start and was all content viable without tons of investment. If you have any troubles following the guide, don't hesitate and ask in the coments.

If you are searching an archer build, with good movility, very good clear speed and aceptable single target damage, this is your build. Very well rounded and very simple build, with nice defences. All people play the new fancy skills, but i like tornado shot (TS) a lot, so i did this build for playing one of my favourite skills, ¡TS isn't dead!

This is a pure physical tornado shot/barrage build. If you are searching an elemental version try in the ranger forum (very common cold TS Builds there).

2. Pros and Con

+ Very fast mapping
+ Nice movility
+ Not a squishy archer build
+ Not need a lot of currency to work
+ All content viable
+ Flex tree and gear
+ Tanky using diferent mechanics (Fortify, Warcry instant speed, "Wind Dancer" passive, Blind...)

- Not the best single target damage (need currency for instant delete)
- Can't do phys reflect
- No regen mana maps are anoying
- Expensive min to max
- Need some uniques (not the best league starter)

3. Main mechanics

(Advanced players can skip this part)


Tornado shot is a ranged attack skill whick release a shot that releases 3 projectiles in 3 diferent directions. The speed projectile modifies the 3 projectiles duration (more speed projectile + distance = more hits and damage clearing maps). Add projectiles to the skill with gems and items create more arrows, only the helmet enchant modifies the secondary projectiles.

Barrage is another ranged attack skill, in this case the projectiles are fired in a rapidly succession. Increasing the number of projectiles boost your damage effectively

Impale is a debuff that deals additional physical damage to the target each time it is hit. It remains 8 seconds or 5 hits without modifiers. With the ascendancy can remain 7 hits and with the watcher eye with pride it can last up to 9. When impale is applie, the target suffers 10% of the pshysical damage before any damage mitigation is applied. Buffing the effect, you can increase this 10%.

Bleed is an ailment that deals damage over time. Moving increase the damage taken. Only phsyical damage can inflic bleed. This our secondary damage (first is raw physical damage, lowing defences with impale and other sources). It can't be reduce by armour, but other sources can reduce the effect.

Onslaught is a buff that grants 20% increased attack/cast speed and movement speed. The movility can be very defensive too (more easy manual dodge mechanich bosses and do you need less investment in boots if you don't have a lot of currency).

Intimidate is another debuff that causes the enemy take 10% increased attack damage, in our case, only on full life of the enemy.

Adrenaline is a buff grant with the ascendancy, give us a toon of damage and it's too a very good defensive tool.


Maim is a debuff that applies a 30% reduced movement speed. Duration is 4 sec.

Blind is another debuff that lessens the chance to hit of the affected target by ¡¡50%!! The duration is 4 sec.

Fortify is a buff that grants 20% less damage taken from hits. Can allow us facetank some bosses very easily.

Phasing allows move throught enemies or abilities (walls created with spikes or things like that, ¡very useful! Duration is 4 sec.

Chill is a debuff that applies a slow effect, reducing the animation speed.

Knockback is a effect on hit that push enemies away from the target. Because is pushed, that will count like movement, so improve our bleed damage.

Wind Dancer is a passive of the tree, and give us a nice boost of evasion when we are hit, and a 20% less damage taken if we haven't been hit recently.

4.Path of Building

3 ex build:
5 ex build:
10 ex + build:



Here we have to initial options: if you are very fan of TS maybe do you want a enchant with TS fires an additional secondary projectile. That improves your clear speed. If you ares struggling bosses, maybe the "Barrage shoots an additional projectile" could be your best option. I prefer the TS because bosses take me about 10 secs... But if you prefer very quickly kill,you can use this enchant. The helmet should be a rare with good life pool, some resistances and if you have currency a helmet with boost your fortify effect

I use haemophilia gloves , because I like see the mobs exploding, they are very cheap and I don't want use a explody chest. A expensive version with vulnerability on hit can be added. If you use a explody chest you can fix this space with a very rare gloves with life and resistances and vulnerability on hit. Any damage modifier would be nice.

Another rare item, in this case you want life, resistances, movement speed and immunity to chill. A enchant increasing your critical chance if you haven't crit recently or boosting your attack speed are the best options here

Body Armour
For enhancing our life pool we will use the kaoms heart, very cheap this league. You can corrupt it with +1% all maximum resistances if you have enought currency. If you reach 5000 of life or you are comfortable with less life you can use the Farrul's Fur for most damage and an unset ring with less duration suport for perma power and frenzy charges. You can use the Replica of Farrul's Fur too, more defensive I think. This options are very expensive for new players, so keep that in mind.

We are using weapon swap, TS in one and in the other barrage for single target. You can kill easily tier 16 using only TS, but for conquerors and Sirus barrage is better. You can combine both if you use Mirrage archer linked to the TS to boost your damage while dodging. The bow for TS should be Slivertongue, with Ringwalds Quiver allow us fork and pierce, improving our damage and clear speed. Chin Sol is the best option for Barrage.

We will use Rigwald's Quills with TS for fork and improve our clear speed. With Barrage we need a rare quiver with life (some resist would be nice if you strugle that) and some damage boost (projectile damage, crit chance, crit multiplier...), but the most important thing is the implicit of Point Blank, that will improve our damage. If you have currency can try bought one with an additional arrow. Same for Rigwald's Quills.
Link for Rigwald's Quill: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Rigwald%27s_Quills

We need use Venopuncture for chilling enemies (one of our defensive tools) and keep battle vs porcupines safe. Also our bleed damage would be better, but we will need the immunity to chill from boots to counter the ability of the ring that chill us when we are bleeding. The other ring will be rare and will cap our resistances and life, but if you want can improve our damage adding flat physical damage or reducing the cost of skills for using more auras (a expensive and tricky option, because you have to manage very nice your resistances. 108% in all resistances will keep you ever with 76% elemental res, 109% if you use +1% maximum all resistances from chest corruption. Keep that in mind, because I don´t like to depend on flask).
Link to venopuncture: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Venopuncture

The very cheap option is Hyrri's Truth, offering you flat damage, precision skill with 50% mana reservation and boosting your crit multiplier. A anoint with Rampart for more tankiness and damage (best option) or constitution for more life if you needed. Could use discipline and training until you have enought currency for the anoint.Aul's Uprising would be a expensive option, improving our damage (more auras) and our defensives. Link a los amuletos: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hyrri%27s_Truth https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Aul%27s_Uprising

I use perseverance for perma onslaught. It's useful for movility, more damage and some boost on defenses. I like a lot this option, but if you prefer can use a rare stygian vise with toons of life, resis and some damage boost.

I don't use life flask, only for leveling. With the warcry and our life leech we will be fine in the most of situations. If you want can use a life flask with staunching on it. I use 2 Quicksilver flask (one with "Alchemist's" and "Adrenaline" on it, and the other with staunching), Dying Sun for improve our damage (2 additional projectiles), a Diamond flask (with "Heat") and a Granite Flask (with "Warding"). You can use a silver flask if you don't wanna use the perseverance belt.
Link to Dying Sun: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Dying_Sun. Link to the normal flask and their modifiers (search prefix and suffix for modifiers): https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Flask

Cause the intention of the build is don't expend toons of currency, i will don't use cluster jewels, but if you like it you can use it. Only Lioneye's Fall is mandatory. Improve our damage, give us life and mana leech and give us 10% blind on crit and phasing. You can use Watcher eye with "impale you inflict last 2 additional hits using pride" (now it's expensive, so you don't have to worrie if you can use it, the build should be doing well). If you have some good rare jewels you can upgrade your tree to the jewel's hole. You will search life, resistance and damage (like increased damage with bows or flat damage if you use abbys jewels).


Follow the order in which they are written. It is the order of preference:

Main Clear Skill: Tornado Shot + Greater Multiple Projectiles/Awakened Grater Multiple Projectiles + Impale + Brutality/Awakened Brutality + Vicious Projectiles + Maim/Mirrage Archer

Main Single Target Skill: Barrage + Impale + Brutality/Awakened Brutality + Vicious Projectiles + Hyphotermia + Maim

Auras: Pride + Dread Banner + Flesh and Stone/Herald of Purity + Enlighten

Defensive and movility:Dash + Blink Arrow + Enduring Cry + Second Wind

Free slots (i use this spaces for leveling other gems, like a second TS for corruption): Ice Golem + Blood Rage + Ensnaring Arrow + Vaal Molten Shell

Remember that Vulnerability is in yours gloves and Precision in your amulet (improve your acurracy and your crit a lot, very useful, near 100% chance to hit). Enlighten level 4 is only needed if you want use 4 auras and without aul's uprising (for example, Pride + Precision from amulet + Flesh and Stone/Herald of Purity + Dread Banner. If you have Aul's you don't need Enlighten and you can use Pride + Precision + Flesh and Stone + Herald of Purity + Dread Banner. If you like use Enduring Cry at normal speed (instant speed with "Call to Arms") you can have an additional time to use it (like 2 potion charges). I prefer instant speed for don't interrupt the barrage attack vs bosses.
PS: All gems with level 21 and quality 23 are the best option, but 20/20 (or 5/20 for awakened) still pretty nice.

7.Bandits, Pantheon and Ascendancy

The best option is help alira, keep safe our resistances, hel with crit multiplier and the mana regen isn't bad. You can kill all if you will use cluster jewells.

Major God: Soul of Lunaris for clearing and Soul of Solaris for bosses. For chaos bosses Soul of Arakaali
Minor God:Soul of Ryslatha for leveling and labyrinth and Soul of Tukohama to helping facetank bosses. Soul of Shakari to help with chaos damage

Your pick order is the next: Master of Metal -> Unstopabble Hero -> Fortitude -> First to Strike, Last to Fall


Cause the leveling it's very personal I will give some tips for new players like it's the beginning of a league and we don't have any unique objects (personaly I level with frost blades until 30-40, very easy and fast for me):

Act 1:
Use a bow and search a "runner" modifier boots in tarleight. Buy Split Arrow . Use it until level 12 with Added fire damage/Chance to bleed
and Lesser Multiple Projectiles. You can use War Banner for start. At level 12 you can start using Rain of Arrows(RoA) if you prefer (with RoA drop LMP and use Chance to bleed and Added fire). Don't forget get your movility skills, Dash and Blink Arrow and barrage for later.
In the weapons you search flat physical damage, increased attack speed, crit chance and multiplier. Don't use the body armour until you reach Art of the gladiator for improve your movement speed. In your armour search life and resistances, and in the boots movement speed. In rings you can use coral rings for more life and iron ring for more damage. Take Enduring Cry and start using and getting use to it. Don't forget buy Maim. For the combat vs Merveil use a saphire ring to upgrade your cold resistance (iron ring + blue gem gift you in the trade with the merchant a sapphire ring). Save the ring until you finish act 2, is useful with the 2º boss too. If you want it, you can use Precision at level 1.

Act 2:
Take Blood Rage, Vicious Projectiles (start using this with Split Arrow swaping Added Fire Damage) and Herald of Purity for more damage or Herald of Ash for helping with the clear speed. Take Flesh and Stone and start using it in blood stance if you are having problems with damage. If you die a lot, use sand stance. Improve your weapon and don't spend currency trying to do a 3/4 link, only use the objects that drop the enemies and safe all your currency for later. In your skill tree go for "Swift Skewring" node. Then go to the right taking Deadly Draw and some life nodes (Bravery).

Act 3:
Now you can start using TS with a 3 link at least (Tornado Shot + LMP + Impale and if you have a 4 link with vicious projectiles too. Improve again your weapons and armour. Your damage is directly proportional of your weapon damage and gem level, so it's very important keep searching the best items to boost your damage. In the tree continue with the right part, taking more life (Thick Skin) and Farsight. Start using Dread Banner and Pride. If you can link Second Wind with Dash and Enduring Cry

Act 4:
Take Brutality and Summon Ice Golem.In the tree pick Herbalism (more life) and King of the Hill and Master Fletcher. If you have some currency, can bought a Death's Harp for finishing the leveling (about 1 alch or 1c the price of the bow). Very recommended for easy leveling if you are strugle with the damage. Pick life and mana leech in the node dow of Vaal pact for start sustaining your life and mana pool

Act 5:
Continue to the right in the tree if you can bought a Lioneye's Fall is the moment to use it and get all the claw nodes and drop the life and mana leech node took before. If you can't afford one, take Blood Drinker. Before you kill kitava go to the Lab and upgrade your ascendancy and take master of metal (huge damage boost)

Act 6:
Take all gems do you need from Lily. Continue to your left in the tree, picking the life (Bloodless) and some damage in the left (Lethality)

Act 7-10:
Continue picking the tree points based in your needs (more life for more tankiness, more crit and damage if you are having troubles with bosses and killing mobs). Remember pick Diamond Flask in act 7, it will be increase your damage. If you don't use any flat elemental damage start using Brutality instead Vicious Projectiles. Remember upgrade your items, check your damage and have the resistances +75. Priorities: 300 life each act, in the 7 near 2100, in act 10 near 3000, before mapping. Elemental resistances (+75 or 76 if you pick Soul of steel). Flat physical damage, increased physical damage modifiers and crit chance and multiplier for manteining a good damage. In act 10 before killing Kitava do the second and third lab and pick Fortitude.

First Mapping Levels:
Slivertongue and Chin Sol have a very low price even in the start of the league. Bought the both when you can (6L Chin Sol near of 50c). If you haven't Lioneye's Fall, make it your priority. Then take all the uniques, gloves and ring, and you can use tabula or a corrupted 6L (with 2 red and 4 green) until you have the both bows with 6L. I did Sirus A5 in 3.11 with the tabula at level 89 without dying... so don't worry about your total life, you have a loot of tools to defeat your enemies. Rigwald with Slivertongue will improve your clear speed a lot, but before you need gloves and the ring. Cheap uniques (without a 6L): Slivertongue, Chin Sol, Hyrri's Trut, Haemophilia, Venopuncture and Perseverance (about 15c all).

Stay safe Exile!
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The PoB links aren't working.
BigChillin wrote:
The PoB links aren't working.

Are you using Path of Building Community (PoEFork)? I don't have any trouble with the links... and can't find any problem with them. If you are not using PoEFork I recommend you download it.

Have a nice day!
A video would be nice to see the clear speed and boss damage
Uxself wrote:
A video would be nice to see the clear speed and boss damage

You can check what the build is capable of using the link in my footer. However, that was during Harvest and a heavily invested build. Spending 10ex you will definitely struggle with endgame.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2919821 - Impale Barrage Champion Build
www.twitch.tv/skinny_gg - live PoE gameplay, please come watch
www.youtube.com/skinnyplays - videos of my PoE builds and boss kills
Thx, i saw some vids and the build looks very strong.
Budget needed to do aw8? And is this juicy delirium viable?
surprised you haven't added Call of Steel to this build yet....

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