3.12.2b Patch Notes

Fix Ice Crash please,. bosses are not unfreezing {bosses with phase}
You should have made it so friends and guild members share the rogue area, instead of making it private.
Can we fix the crashing inside of heists please? I dont crash consistently in any other content in the game right now but heists are completely unplayable due to the grame crashing 50% of the time during them and you are unable to re-enter the portal.
Lets go!
LovelyNella wrote:
YES Now we can do Grand Heist finally?

-Weird how you cant make the Lower Preparation room as the instanced zone where the portal would spawn.....

ALSO WTF is the nerf to AG?

No nerf, was never intended to be like that and so is/was a bug actually
my updater doesn't work -.-
ScaryZpop wrote:
Fix Ice Crash please,. bosses are not unfreezing {bosses with phase}

Use ele focus in this case, cause if you deal to much damage and freeze with it that is a normal issue which also happens for other skills
Last edited by Ondrugs on Sep 30, 2020, 5:28:20 PM
The Rogue Harbour is now a private area which only you and your party members can access.

Nice change, now we can feel the game much emptier and lonely! Ty, was an important change, better than fixing crashes and stability issues.

Pog commentators love this change.
reciprocate wrote:
Fixed a bug where Animated Guardians didn't lose their items when they died.

Should be a damn feature, not a bug. Let AG's keep their gear if they die.

There is a mod for it you can craft on your gear.
Rip AG :))

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