[3.12] Hexblast Archmage Ignite Trickster

Build overview
- 6.3k+ ES, 8.7k+ mana, 5.5k+ arcane cloak
- 3M+ dps (25m total ignite) against Sirus
- Not 1 button gameplay
- Can be expensive to reach high dps/tankiness
- Triple curse (1 self cast, 2 triggers)
- All contents viable (Sirus 8 down)

Gameplay Videos

My current gears

PoB - Current character: https://pastebin.com/GxktDeu3


- Patient Reaper
- Prolonged Pain
- Weave of the Arcane
- Swift Killer or Harness the Void

- Harness the Void provides higher dps and better boss damage
- Swift Killer provides more consistent dps during mapping but can be useless in certain boss fights without mobs.

How to play

- General Clearing

- Cast flammability
- Cast Hexblast
- Move on to next packs

- Single Target

- Cast Sigil of Power
- Cast flammability
- Cast Wave of Conviction
- Cast arcane cloak
- Cast Hexblast (wait about 1.5s for flammability to reach max doom before casting)
- Recast flammability
- Infernal Cry

- Wave of conviction does both fire and lightning damage and applies Fire Exposure (-25 fire res) but also applies Elemental Equilibrium (+50 fire res)
- You want to cast Hexblast (only does chaos and lightning damage) after Wave of Conviction to correctly apply Elemental Equilibrium (-50 fire res)
- Hexblast will consume your flammability so make sure to recast it to get the most out of your ignite
- I have arcane cloak on left mouse button so it kinda auto trigger whenever its off cooldown. High skilled players may opt to self cast it to maximize damage and uptime in dangerous situation

Cluster Jewels

- I stacked Burning Bright on both large and medium clusters to get as much Fire DoT multiplier as I can.
- Cooked Alive on medium provides get dps boost
- Fan the flames provide ignite prolif for better clearing. You can also skip this and use ignite prolife gem and swap it out for bossing but I am lazy :D
- Blowback is also great to increase the ignite dps at the cost of having to cast your spells more often. However, our combos require many skills and can be easy to messed up. So I prefer longer uptime on ignite.
- There are other notables that provide great defense options as well. Use them as you prefer.


- You will have around 5 slots for rare jewels.
- Focus on getting % mana and % ES with at least 1 damage options
- Good damage mod on jewels:
+ Fire DoT Multiplier
+ Burning damage
+ Fire damage
+ Damage over time
+ Increased Damage

Gem setup

- Archmage Support
- Awakened Unbound Ailments
- Awakened Deadly Ailments
- Awakened Burning Damage
- Awakened Swift Affliction

Wave of Conviction + Combustion

Arcane Cloak
- Increased Duration
- Arcane Surge
- Second Wind

Temporal Chain + Elemental Weakness in your gloves

Aura setup

- Put Malevolence, Discipline, Flesh and Stone in your Prism Guardian
- Clarity + Blood Magic anywhere else. Level Clarity to reserve as much life as you can.

@ThanatoZGaming made a very detailed build guide for CI/hybrid version and explain a lot of mechanics. Please make sure to check it out here

Feel free to contact me ingame @Myraklus or @MyraDischargingFire if you have any questions.
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u did it so nicely
Any Reason why you chose Ivory tower over going MoM with cloak of defiance?
Movement0 wrote:
Any Reason why you chose Ivory tower over going MoM with cloak of defiance?

he's doing a low life build. he's using his mana pool to soak the chaos dmg that would otherwise kill him without ivory tower
Movement0 wrote:
Any Reason why you chose Ivory tower over going MoM with cloak of defiance?

- You can reserve your life for auras. I am running Malevolence, Clarity, Discipline and Flesh and Stone.
- Scaling mana for both damage and energy shield. I can focus solely on scaling my mana on both skill trees and gears. Life version would probably have to opt for more life nodes on the tree.
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what about alternate quality hexblast, or other gems?
rectis wrote:
what about alternate quality hexblast, or other gems?

Hexblast has an alternate quality that gives 40% increased Damage with Ailments.

Flammability has an alternate quality that gives +5 to maximum Doom

Both alternate quality for Malevolence is good. Skill effect duration is good for Arcane cloak uptime. The other one is more damage.

That's pretty much cover the good alternate quality gems. I did not use any and have not tried them yet.

Is "Harness of the Void" really that useful for this build? We "only" hit with Hexblast and WoC, and since the highest is only 25% chance to trigger it, i don't think we hit that often to make it reliable. Instead take Ghost Dance for survivability?
Any leveling advice for this?

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