[3.12] Hexblast Archmage Ignite Trickster

Thoughts on elementalist vs trickster for this in 3.13?
Last edited by emoListic on Jan 12, 2021, 5:00:43 PM
emoListic wrote:
Thoughts on elementalist vs trickster for this in 3.13?

looks like trickster is still better for map sustain. trickster still has 'more dot' as well. elementalist looks better for up front damage however.
Myraklus wrote:
Build overview
- 6.3k+ ES, 8.7k+ mana, 5.5k+ arcane cloak
- 3M+ dps (25m total ignite) against Sirus
- Not 1 button gameplay
- Can be expensive to reach high dps/tankiness
- Triple curse (1 self cast, 2 triggers)
- All contents viable (Sirus 8 down)

Hey man, this looks like a really great build and I think I will go for this for 3.13 as a league start but I have a few questions that I'd like help with.

1. Why do you use ele weakness? It looks like we get a higher dps increase from Despair?

2. Why do we self cast flammability? Is it because we want the Ele weakness and temp chains on the enemy? Surely its better to be removing the Ele weakness with Hexblast and leaving flammability on as its a buff to chance to ignite?


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