[3.12] Heist HC #1 Arc Aura Stacking Guardian | 90% All res | Inifinite Scaling into T19 100% Maps

This is my Aura Stacking Guardian Gear in Hardcore Heist. I am currently Lvl 98, and I leveled as an Aura Bot for a majority of the early levels. Feel free to come by to my channel at Twitch.tv/Kobeblackmamba for any questions about the build.

Overall starter budget should be around 15-20 exalts depending on how good you are at crafting your cluster jewels.

Heist Budget 3.12 Gear on my character in HC Heist w/ POB
This is my character that I am currently playing on HC Heist. It is a guardian, but the tree is nearly identical except you path out of templar instead of scion. It wastes extra passive points and has a lot less damage than scion, but I chose it for its extra tankiness on hardcore. However, I do not recommend going Guardian on Softcore Heist as the tankiness is just not needed.

Updated Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/C2zVrpB6

Leveling in 3.12
Fastest way to level this build is to go Stormblast Mine/Orb of Storms at the start. Then transition into Cremation/ Armageddon Brand at 28. Then you should transition to Ball Lightning Archmage at 38. You can play Ball Lightning Archmage Ascendant for a while until you can farm enough gear and currency to play the Budget Version of this Build. The Ball Lightning Version is very strong by abusing the foreboding mana flask.

Crafting Medium Clusters in 3.12
Without harvest, it is going to be much harder to get perfect jewels with chaos resistance and life regen on the suffixes. Our new strategy is to just alt until we hit a good prefix/suffix and then regal in hopes of gaining another notable. Some good prefixes include: Flat Energy Shield, 25(35%) Effect, First Among Equals, Replenishing Presence, Stalwart Defenders, and any aura reservation notable if you need extra mana reservation. Some good prefixes include: intelligence, life regeneration, and chaos resistance. As you can see there are a lot of options for what will work with the cluster jewel, making alt/regaling not as daunting as it may seem. We need 6 total medium clusters.

Perfect Jewel would ideally have 35% effect, flat energy shield, chaos resistance, and intelligence. With these affixes on the medium clusters, our damage will be much higher and have up to 10-11k es with full endgame gear.

Best Alternate Quality Gems for 3.12
Without a doubt, Divergent Determination is the most important alternate quality gem. Since we have no armour, this gem's alternate quality allows us to reach 30k armour with no investment at all. It scales off our aura effectiveness, and allows us to use our evasion rating as armour rating.

Anomalous Purity of Ice grants us 4% cold penetration that scales with our aura effectiveness. This makes it equivalent to around 12-15% penetartion depending on our aura effectiveness, which is crazy considering there is no opportunity cost.

Overall, there are many alternate quality gems that gives us free power that was no available before. Wrath and Precision are both guaranteed to give good outcomes with the use of a lens. You can get aura effectiveness or reduced mana reservation.

Make sure to look up on poedb for the weightnings on the alternate quality jewel if you decide to you use the orb to reroll the quality of the gem. This could a lot of times be cheaper than buying the gem directly from someone.

Gear /Gear options w/ explanation.

Nebulis: Best weapon bar none. best implicit are explode, 10% chance to deal double damage with spells, and then any generic added lightning/cold dmg to spells.

Shield: Prism Guardian allows us to get auras casted on life for virtually no cost. Look for an implicit with +1 to gems or auras.

Gloves: Maligaro's on a budget allows us to gear for crit with no need for crit multi. Hands of the High templar can be used when one has good enough gear. This requires us to get crit multi through jewels, which makes gearing a lot harder. When using Hands of the High templar, look for a pair to grants as many gem levels as possible for our auras along with Curse on hit/Spell crit.

Belt: Go for Headhunter or Torrent's Reclamation. If on a budget aim for a crystal belt with chaos res and high energy shield. Super budget option could be bated breath.

Boots: Can craft awakened tailwind/elusive boots with crafted movement speed. You can then add on the avian mod for another aura to run. Other options can include Sin Trek or Doryani's Delusions on a budget. Doryani's Delusions allows us to save a gem slot since we no longer have need to socket in Purity.

Rings: Call of the Brotherhood are the own choice. Make sure to use the Turbulent Catalyst for full conversion. Look for corruptions on the implicit to grant Wrath, Zealotry, and Hatred to gain extra gem sockets. Extra gem sockets means more auras and access to movement skills.

Amulet: Use a Presence of Chayula or a Rare Amulet with 5% Mana Reserved/ lvl 22 vitality. Presence of Chayula grants stun immunity along with more ES and a lot chaos resistance. This is a better option for hardcore. Make sure to use fertile catalysts on both of amulets to gain more mana reservation and more ES gained as life for the Presence of Chayula. Lastly, make sure to anoint Champion of the Cause for more aura reservation reduction.

Helm: Choices include Alpha's Howl or a rare Hubris Circlet with 5% reduced mana reservation and as much ES as possible. This can be done through spamming fossils most efficiently. Make sure to get an enchant that reduces the reservation on one of your 50% auras. This includes Hatred, Wrath, Zealotry, and Haste. Make sure to put your purities in either the Alpha's Howl or Shield for the + to gem levels.

Chest: Shav's is the only option and allows us to go low life.

I am streaming on Twitch.tv/KobeblackMamba with the build currently up and running in HC Heist. Come by and say hello to ask any questions about the build and how the mechanics behind it work. Will add a more detailed guide later on when I have more time.
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Updated Path of Building:


Added 6L Shavs with arcane surge in the Link
Added Dread Banner (Dread Banner is super good as a defensive layer while requiring very low mana reservation.)
I will try this build.
Hey! Nice build. Never tried aura stacking dps builds. How much ex (+/-) do you think I need to start this build. I bet those cluster worth a lot. Thanks man
Hey, build feels pretty solid so far, but I can't use all the auras, hence it feels a bit squishy sometimes.. I can't figure out what I have missed. Thanks in advance

Edit: thanks for your help in stream - got it going now :) Do you have any tips for boosting single target damage? Bosses - esp. Guardians - feel a bit tedious.
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Thanks for sharing the build! I just noticed you're in GRIZZLY. I used to play with your guild on Nostalrius WoW back in the day. Small world!
Last edited by bluefoot33 on Oct 2, 2020, 3:12:12 AM
Hey sir, how this build feel after heraldry nerf?
I had aurastacker in delirium, after nerf was trying return it back to life, but all damage is gone, as well as energy shield and max resistance. Cant return atleast a half of old power
Hey did you consider Ascendant?
Why guardian over Ascendant?
Guardian is just my choice for hardcore. It has extra regeneration and 10% block and 10% spell block along with 40% uptime on max attack block. It also has access to permanent frenzy, endurance, and power charges during boss fights, which is good for having high crit and an extra layer of defense.
How does the alt Divergent Determination work? Does it add the extra armour after all the modifiers to Evasion, and then does the extra armour still gets buffed by the armour modifiers (including the % more from determination)?

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