zzang's Mirror Service

amazing guy! trust worthy! thanks!
Great service, Did both Wand and Helm. I will Diffidently be back for more.
And again with amazing service belt and boots were done to.

I am interested in your mirror service, could you please provide me a time you would be available these next few days? :) THank you!

Purchased 5 Mirror Services, great guy! Very friendly and professional. Walks you through the process and always confirms that you are getting what you ask for. :) would recommend and is trustworthy!
Hi ZZang,

I am interested in mirroring your MS helm. My IGN is Eggornaut. I friended you. Cheers.
ZZang mirrored a copy of his Elevated Immolate helm for me. Service was fast, professional and the fee (in my opinion) was quite reasonable: I can pay for the mirror fee with the craft I now don't need for my attempt at this helm). We also had a good chat about Molten Strike.

ZZang is also a knowledgeable and helpful player.
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Mirrored their VD/DD belt for me in less than 2 minutes, fast, reliable and the fee is absolutely too damn low!!! Legit get your items from this dude/girl. +1
Hi! That crazy man make me 2 godly mirror services of shield and helmet for Molten Strike Gladiator!!! It is best of the best items! I recommend you to try these items, young exiles! p.s. my english is not as good)

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