Today's Hotfix for Heist

Later today, we're planning to deploy a small restartless patch that includes a few key fixes for Heist. We've prepared a post for tomorrow covering more details about what we're working on but in the meantime, these are the changes coming imminently.

Choke Points in Heists

We are reducing the number of rare guards that can gather in formation behind Heist doors. This change should be out today. We're also planning to make it so that some monsters will release their skills in a staggered way so that you are not being hit by many skills simultaneously. Fewer monsters in these choke points will have their abilities ready to go as soon as the door opens. This should make these encounters more manageable and less about being blasted in the face with damage.

Rogue Equipment Drop Chance

The items which support your Rogues specialist skills and various other behaviours are currently dropping too rarely so we've increased their drop chance by roughly 300%.

Rogue Equipment Drop Level

We're fixing the issue where Rogue Equipment drops at low levels for much higher job requirements.

Killing Monsters Increasing Your Alert Level

We killed this. It's not a thing anymore.

These issues are still pending testing so may be diverted until tomorrow if a last minute issue pops up but this is the plan at the moment. The official patch notes will be out once the hotfix is deployed. Note that we also released two other hotfixes earlier today. You can find their patch notes here and here.
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So the 'test' team didn't find any of these bugs at all..... not even one?


#harvest flashback
LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
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Thanks as always, Bex! And thanks team for hustling <3
Thanks for being so quick about this and listening to feedback.
nice changes. You guys have a lot of work to do, hope it goes well <3
Awesome! Everything dies now
ty ggg
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