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Last bumped on Nov 20, 2021, 10:08:47 AM
I am trying a Freezing pulse Freezing Assassin with MoM and EB. Currently using added cold, pinpoint, and Crit chance, Trying to freeze all of heist.

Currently, when I get to 4/4 stacks, the damage seems lackluster, and almost better just using a more damage support, Clear is amazing though.
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This gem does not add damage to Freezing pulse after the 3rd level of intensify.
I'm playing Ball Lightning Hierophant and Pinpoint doesn't seem to work with it correctly. I use Archmage, Slower Proj, have Arcane Surge, and use Sigil of Power - all these are working as intended. Swapping supports around doesn't seem to do anything.
Pinpoint subtracts damage on socketing the gem. It also reduces the amount of projectiles per Intensity, but it doesn't apply damage multiplier.
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jedininjaman wrote:
This gem does not add damage to Freezing pulse after the 3rd level of intensify.

I have the intensify node on the tree allowing it to go to 4 stacks, the damage just doesnt appear to go any higher with stacks, although I lose the projectiles

Releasing a new support that is completely broken / DOA is embarrassing and indefensible.


Pinpoint does not add damage to Freezing pulse (likely anything) after the 3rd level of intensify.
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It's pretty easy to observe the tooltip DPS not increasing at all with intensity... at least with Ball Lightning.

Any update on this issue?
Quod efficax non stultum
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Im running EK with intensity and tooltip dps doesn't update at any intensity stack. I tried linking it to just pinpoint and turning off auras. I also tried removing Intensity from the skill tree. Is damage actually increasing?
Im playing Ek also and
Everything seem to work about it, except the damage 😅
Can also confirm that intensify is not working at all for Ethereal Knives. It adds the extra projectiles and takes them away as the intensify racks up. But dose not add any damage at all.

The less damage modifier on the support dose reduce the damage though :(

Had a whole build built around using this new gem. DoA sup gems ftw.

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