Sigil of Power

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Last bumped on Jan 13, 2021, 6:28:45 PM
Why does the skill now have an internal cooldown on stage gain, on top of the already existing mana spent threshold?
As of the 3.12.1/3.12.2 patch and hotfix cycle there's a (very approximately) 1.2 second cooldown between gaining the second and third, and third and fourth stage. Consequently it takes, after casting, at a minimum around 2.5 seconds to reach the fourth stage of the Sigil, regardless of how soon the mana threshold is met.
This isn't mentioned anywhere on the skill gem or during the skill reveal, and considering the skill already relies on supports (such as AoE and duration increases) to feel playable this cooldown makes it substantially weaker.

I can only assume this is a bug that will be corrected. Bug report here.
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I'd make a change of the cast time being instant. Many times when I'm in a thick fight and when the sigil finally disappears, I'm too busy teleporting around trying to find safe place to stand so that I can recast the sigil. If it were instant cast, it'd be much more useful and have a more consistent up time.

The other change I'd make to it is give it some jewel or item that lets us do something interesting. Like, maybe once it gets to max stacks it casts Consecrated Ground under you, or change the damage prevention into a Hinder+DoT effect. Maybe a skill that lets you banish a fully charged sigil to hex everything on screen with a linked curse. Then if the sigil was instant cast as I suggested above, you could recast and have your curses ready again by the time you hit max stacks.

It's an okay skill but I found it to be one more button I had to press, and in most fights outside of bosses I mostly didn't cast it. Even then, most of the time you're just teleporting away and then the damage prevention isn't as useful and you can't raise it's stacks, so I'd instead cast an Arcane Cloak and get on with my life like I used to as if this skill didn't exist.
kahwigulum wrote:

It's an okay skill but I found it to be one more button I had to press

Just use it with trigger wep or Kitava's hat, besides this the ICD BUG needs to get fixed PRONTO, but I have little hope of this getting done
Apparently the issue with the internal cooldown is not a bug but intended behaviour. The bug is that this information is lacking from the gem and skill tooltip, as well as never having been mentioned in the skill reveal posts or in any other way communicated.
Probably a good skill idea but current implementation is just shit doesn't fit to this game pace and design.

A skill with base duration of 12 seconds, 4 of them doing virtually nothing.
5 seconds delay before you getting (questionable) protection bonus while your character is obligated to stay inside of (not sufficient even with insane investments) skill area.

Such unreasonably long cooldown between phases would be acceptable if each stage give anything besides (crappy) flat damage.

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