FPS drops

Any news about fixing fps droping from 144 to 30 while using volatile dead? League after league same problem, I'm quitting the league for this, good luck.
I was having really bad fps issues but I was able to fix that by deleting the shaders folder. Your game will look kinda weird for awhile but they download again after a bit.
RTX 2080 Super
I9 processor
Nvme ssd

I should be able to handle anything this game can throw at me, right?
So have anything changed at all these last 2-3 weeks? Don’t wanna reinstall just have to game run just as bad.
Just send an email with dxdiag and client.txt.

Having huge FPS-Spikes since Heist League start, but never had issues before. I really hope this problem gets fixed, game becomes unplayable with all the stuttering starting in about act 7 when monster density gets higher.
Any news?

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