[3.12] Elementalist Firestorm crit ignite

I am semi new to POE but have played near the start of the last couple leagues and got to early mapping. so take this build how you wish. also If I miss something I am probably figuring it out myself and am not sure what is the best for this build in that area :).

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any questions or concerns can be either be put below or in my twitch DMs/Twitters DMs and I will get to the them as quick as I can. thx :).
Thanks for the support! :)

I will do my best to keep this updated as I will be playing and streaming the game so I might not have the most time to update.

POB community v1.0

The POB has mostly just a skill tree of early(1-12) mid(13-50) and late(51-99).
But I do have the late game stave I want, and I am trying to not rely on any unique. I am sure there are some great ones for this build.


Witch starts with fireball, which is great since we are going ignite/crit. Level with that will you get firestorm. The support gems you get for this should carry over to firestorm with the exception of more projectiles.

Focus on the normal leveling stats on the gear you pick up, i.e. Res, life, crit, spell dmg. Not in any specific order.

You can level with wands, or a nice stave if you find one. Mostly just want the socket colors and spell dmg or crit chance.


Take the skills for the Bandits, and Souls of Lunaris, and Sharari. You can change these if you want different things, but I found these round out the build the most with chaos resists and physical dmg reduction.

Spell gems/links--------

Main skill----------


Of course we want Firestorm, now the things linked to it can be mostly preference, but I would do Firestorm-Faster Casting-Increased duration-Concentrated effect-Increased Crits- Ele proliferation. I would just add them in the order you get them while playing.

Support skills-------------

Auras/defense gems

Herald of ash will add dmg to firestorm especially when we get the Mastermind of Discord as our second ascendancy.

orb of storms will proc elemental equilibrium through the mid game, you can change it to any lightning/ice spell, I just like orb of storms, Frost bomb is a good alternative. I would put this in either boots/gloves.


Very good defensive link for the whole game.

CWDT-Vaal Molten shell(Molten shell is fine but try to upgrade)-Purifying Flame-Wave of Conviction.

of course you can change this to your own playstyle, but These will add some quick dps and defense in hopes of not being instigabed while also doing the instagibing. I chose molten shell over the other guard skills because of the thematic-ness, you know with the whole flaming shield thing. This is a fire girl build afterall. If you find you like another guard skill better then more power to you :).


Stats you want----------

Really Resists and Life are mostly all you care about. Secondarily Crit chance, Ele pen, Mana/mana regen, Spell dmg, Evasion/Block, are also fine.


Uhh im not to versed in what flasks are the best, but A quicksilver is always welcome, I would recommend one with More charges and duration, or faster recharge, and more MS cuz POE is just go fast and smash keyboard anyhow.

The flasks can change, early you might need a mana flash or life flask, but late game you will have a massive life/mana pool so those flasks will become obsolete.

I imagine a Diamond flask could do you good since we are a crit build.
Quartz flask seems decent for the phasing if you get stuck often and dodge is a cool stat.

Flasks that give resists are ok but not the best since its only one resist per flask unless you get a bismuth flask.

Thats all I have for now, thanks for reading.

Also if you like the build check out my socials at the begginging of the post or just add the thread So I know you enjoyed it:)
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Are you able to update POB? When I try to import I get an error.
Edit: I figured out that I wasn't using the right POB. Problem solved
Last edited by DrivableKarma3 on Sep 18, 2020, 9:26:06 PM
To everyone using this build make sure to use the POB COMMUNITY FORK, not the regular POB otherwise it will error and not work. Thanks :).

POB Community fork link for everyone.

also thanks to everyone that come by my stream and either followed or just said hi. really appreciate it :).
Would Martyr of Innocence or Pledge of Hands be good staff choices for end-game?
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Not that many firestorm builds out there, so I decided to go with this one! Hopefully we got a lot of discussion on this build and OP updates the thread with latest updates 😊 Cheers!
The POB doesn't seem to work with Path of Building Web (https://pob.party/)

EDIT: I got it to work. Had to use the Community fork of the PoB client
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Very interested in this, unfortunatly the POB version is not showing.
GavStJames wrote:

Very interested in this, unfortunatly the POB version is not showing.

Do you use the community version of PoB? If not, then try it with that: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases

Worked for me!
is it just me or is this build very squishy? i've died quite a bit by act 6
andrewg90 wrote:
is it just me or is this build very squishy? i've died quite a bit by act 6

I think it is squishy! Probably needs to be more refined over time. Not that much damage mitigation on the tree. Some ES increase and block nodes. I wonder if we're going to need MoM, Actic Armor etc?

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