[3.14 No Nerf]Blazing Salvo Hierophant -Totem Bombardier -10m+ Sirus DPS -Newb Friendly

Hello everyone! This will be my first ever build after a few seasons playing totems! So without further a due I am excited to present the Totem Bombardier. This build will focus around the skill introduced in Heist called Blazing Salvo. This is a semi tanky build with up to 10m Sirius dps. Thanks for stopping by. (This build page is a work in progress and I will add more too it as I can. However, the PoB link is mostly fleshed out.

Ritual News: There is absolutely no need for multiple totem support on our main damage lineup. The buff to placement speed combined with the veiled mod for totem placement speed is more than enough to make up for the loss of the two totems at a time. This means that we will actually being receiving a damage increase this league! I have now solved the power charge issue as well. We will be using power charge on crit with a storm brand. We will also be shifting our ascendancy allocation around. Full changes will be updated below and the PoB link is fully up to date.

POBC Link: https://pastebin.com/JGSqbdS9

I will go through the pro's and cons of the build now.
+Decent dps in all scenarios
+Totems will absorb a lot of aggro and hits for you
+10m Maximum Sirus dps
+New and interesting
+Absurdly high base crit
+Cheap build (if you skip the void battery)
-Not much in the way of physical resistance
-Totems not for everyone

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Passive Tree and Ascendancy


Chest: You will use a 6 linked soul mantle with 1 red and 5 blue sockets. This is where your blazing salvo will go.

Gloves: Here you will use 4 linked gloves with blue sockets that support your flammability.

Boots: For this slot we want to prioritize utility and movement speed is always a plus here. If decent rare boots are unnecessary (ie: you are capped on resists) you can opt for The Stampedes. Make sure to anoint with Infused when you switch to Stampedes because this makes your power charge cap 8 making void battery that much more effective.

Helmet: The most important thing here is the Warlord Prefix, +1 to Maximum Power Charges, as this is a huge source of crit for our build. The lab enchant you want here is either Blazing Salvo does an additional 40% damage or Blazing Salvo fires an additional projectile. (The latter of the two is best.)

Belt: For belt we will be using a Stygian Vise. Use this to get more life and round out your dexterity and resistances.

Alternatively, the Chain Belt here is the belt I am currently using and crafted myself to avoid an expensive stygian vise.

Weapon One (Wand): Arguably the most expensive item in this build is the Void Battery. It gives us another power charge and a beautiful damage increase by stacking our 7 power charges. Your alternative here is a rare wand with +1 to fire skill gems and other fire related boosts. Note that any physical modifiers do nothing for us as Blazing Salvo does not convert physical damage.

Weapon Two(Shield): In this slot you are going to be looking for a shaper shield with +1 to Maximum Totems. This will bring you up to 5 totems and it is more potent than a second Void Battery.

Rings: You will use two Kikazaru for curse immunity.

Alternatively, you can get fairly cheap Crusader rings with 35% curse resistance that you then use infused catalyst on to bring to 40%. This is infinitely superior to the kikazaru. I will link the early rings I replaced kikazaru with.

Amulet: For this slot you will use a rare amulet with the warlord modifier +1 to fire spell skill gems (Damage penetrates fire resistance is ok here as well). The best modifiers after that are Life, Energy Shield, Fire Damage, and Spell Damage. (in that order) If you're feeling lucky or have extra currency the corruption +20% to Anger increases dps substantially.

This is an example of a necklace, it lacks the +1 to fire skill gems but provides decent bonuses otherwise.

For your amulet anoint you should use Infused.

Unique Gems: For this build you need two unique gems. These gems are Self-Flagellation, for your curse stacking, and Rain of Splinters, for extra projectiles.

Skill Gems

Now it is time for the meat of the build, the skill gems. This build gains a lot of steam from its gems and the sooner you can get the setups together the better.

Soul Mantle (Chest slot): Blazing Salvo, Concentrated Effect Support, Elemental Focus, Increased Critical Damage Support, Controlled Destruction Support, Fire Penetration Support.

Gloves: Flammability, Area of Effect Support, Arcane Surge Support, Spell Cascade Support

Wand: Steelskin lvl 13, Cast When Damage Taken Support lvl 6, Increased Duration Support lvl 20

Shield: Dash, Second Wind, Portal.

Helmet: Anger, Summon Lightning( or ice golem) Golem, Storm Brand, Power Charge on Crit Support.

Boots: Wave of Conviction, Combustion Support, Spell Totem Support, Multiple Totem Support.

Build Mechanics

DPS Stacking: This build relies on the basic foundation of 2x Kikazaru + Sanctum of Thought to make yourself 100% resistant to curses. Utilizing this immunity you then stack curses on yourself to take advantage of the 20% increased DPS per curse from self flagellation. In order to stack curses on yourself you use the soul mantle passive that applies a curse to you when a totem expires. That includes resummoning them. Therefore when you are going through a map or fighting a boss you simply resummon your totems to keep your curses up. I recommend using the Wave of Conviction totems to stack curses before fights as they cost less mana and two are summoned at a time.

Power Charge Generation: Due to the 3.12 changes where hierophant no longer provides us with a source of power charges we had to get creative. We will be using storm brand supported by power charge on crit to generate power charges. Due to many of the totem nodes providing crit chance to both totems and brands this works very well for generating power charges and 1 brand can instantly bring you up to 8. We simply use this when our power charges are getting low to reset the duration.

Flammability: Your main enemy debuff in this build will come from Flammability. Flammability is linked with Spell Cascade Support, Arcane Surge Support, and Increased Area of Effect Support. When you cast Flammability it will create a large 3 tiered ring that will make enemies more vulnerable to your totems. When you add Arcane Surge to this be sure to keep it at level 12. This way each time you cast flammability you will gain the buff of spell surge.

Survivability Your survivability here comes from a combination of things. The primary source of defense is your approximate 6k in life + energy shield. The next part of your defense comes from the MoM or Mind over Matter. When paired with the Transcendence of Mind from templar ascendency MoM makes 40% of the damage you take go through your mana pool first. Due to your high mana regen this is a solid defensive boost. The next part is your Steelskin proc. The Steelskin proc will protect you from big bursts of unexpected damage. The final part of your defense will be your dash + totem aggro. This means that the totems will take a bit of the fire for you while you drop them and dash around to avoid minions. For this setup you need to leave steelskin at lvl 13 and cast when damage taken at lvl 6 that way you can mitigate damage without taking your entire health bar in dps.

Anger: Anger, plain and simple. Extra fire damage is based.

Wave of Conviction: Wave of conviction here is used expressly to push through fire resistances. When you come across unique and rare bosses you will simply put down a set of conviction totems to apply exposure and combustion. This will increase your damage against bosses substantially. This is mostly unnecessary when you fight normal map mobs and you can simply not use this while mapping if you'd prefer. Note that the two conviction totems this skill places down will not count towards your totem limit because of the mechanics of multiple totem support.

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bro you didnt even post a passive tree

The INVISIBLE build! They wont even see it coming ;)
Yeah he just watched mathils "starter builds" and decided to take some credit :D
Haha what a joke best guide ever
He a little confused but he got the spirit.
Well I'm gonna hijack this guys thread to tell you guys not to play this build until there is a bugfix patch. I league started with my own blazing salvo totems build and after looking into why it felt so weak I found out that the gem isn't scaling off projectile damage OR Aoe damage. So gems like concentrated effect do nothing as well as any aoe nodes or projectile damage nodes or anointments.

Pretty disappointing.
Just small note from my side.

I've also started BS but I'm working a lot so had slow league start, and yesterday goy knowledge that proj/aor tags are not working as intentended.

I've decided to give it a shoot anyway. Currently getting to maps on 4l, no soul mantle so spell totem/blazing/combustion/GMP, also I have them in gloves which gives faster casting lvl 18, forgot the name. Even though I've spec into passives with proj/aoe its fine, many of those nodes have cast speed and spell dmg also I've took some crit passives. Basically not optimized build, with only dropped eq is rlr nice to play. When they fixe buggs it will be truly a beast.

So the plan is simple, no soul mantle.Instead stuck as much proj/aoe as humanly possible on every piece of gear. I'm also considering going shadow part of the tree for proj nodes. Maybe drop the crit and go full flat fire.

Thats not all but working and writing on the phone hence terrible editing.

I think BS has way more potential then this othet skill, cracking lance or whatevet. Also, its way more fun to acrually try to make it work instead of playing always the same way:follow the guide and kill everything after 2 weeks, meh. Cheers.

edit: forgot about the Fork, when it will start to work it can be interesting.
Last edited by anastazjasz on Sep 21, 2020, 4:28:34 AM
League started this, no problems. All the people bitching about not scaling with AoE and Proj forgot that meant that GMP and Fork had no downside, worked great.
Projectile speed seems to effect it why wouldn’t prob damage

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