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Alright, I think I've done pretty much everything I wanted to do with this build. A few improvements since the last time I posted :

On top of that, Lord of Steel with increased reflected damage/use speed is a must-have. I snatched one with corrupted blood immunity for 10c so it's quite cheap.
One large cluster jewel with Combat rythm, Deadly repartee and Martial prowess helped boost my dps even more.
All jewels with 7% life because that build sorely needs life.

I just killed sirus A8 deathless for the first time ever so I'm quite happy about it. I didn't (and don't have the patience to) try Uber Elder though but I think it's probably manageable.

I'm still sticking to Lancing steel for lone boss fights as they allow us to move more freely while still dishing out damage. I'm pretty sure Sirus would have taken me much more time with splitting steel.

Clearing maps is such a breeze with splitting steel, call of steel can and will melt packs after shooting a few shards into them.

Avenues of improvement to my gear would probably be gripped gloves with attack speed and physical damage, a few woke gems, and more chaos resistance.

Even with close to 6k hp, max res, max block with flasks up (59% without), fortify, 4% blind on hit jewel and cwdt-molten shell, I was still very much prone to one-shots or chain stuns. A special mention to that boss in Vaal temple who could one shot me with a single falling arrow, even with vaal molten shell.
How i post my build?

i have rekt Sirus Aw 5 , i play with cluster jewel :)
Sorry boys! I have been slack in responding. Aiming to churn through and respond to my recent forum guides later in the day when I can dedicate a few hours to it. For now though if you have any pressing questions I will be live for a few hours on Twitch so feel free to hit me up there.

Also yall got some insane gear for the build. All your items looking so good :D!
which is better : scaeva or paradoxica?
Curious how you folks are finding Splitting Steel now. I went with a deadeye build, and I found leveling with splitting steel rather painful. I was a bit undergeared in early act 3, but once i got lancing steel it got much better. Using LS with 6L, and a fair bit of crit. But I could see champion maybe being a little more tanky.
I'm doing a champion and really enjoying it. I have a somewhat similar setup to @bipsylalapo above, though I'm using a saviour and paradoxica instead of a scaeva (I went a while with two of them, but found it improved DPS enough to be worth switching). Saviour was a big boost to me. Being able to dance around while the saviour clones fire is really nice. Having the two of them helped single target a lot, which I was struggling with. Also focused a bit more on crit to help keep the saviour clones up.

I happened to find a belt with aspect of the cat delving, so been using that, the extra evade and critical chance are nice when it's on. Doesn't leave me with enough mana to run pride though. I'm also fooling with an abyssus at the moment, cause why not.

Just working on the conquerors at A5, but even with only 4k life I don't feel too squishy. I'm assuming that'll change when I start on later conquerors/sirus. But elder guardians, l83 Catrina, l83 Atzari in atzoatl, etc have all gone down with max 1 death so far. Die occasionally leaving an 83 contract, usually because I do something stupid.

Oh and I'm leveling a lancing, but so far haven't felt the need to break it out for bosses, been straight splitting.

Too lazy to post stuff, but my profile is public if anyone cares to look [SpittinIron]. My biggest issue is intelligence (well and life), though I could crank down the ice golem lvl, especially since he dies so much he's basically just there for the beginning of boss fights.

(Also wanna say, having the saviour clone proc on a leap slam, while sub-optimal dps wise, is so much fun to watch.)
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Hey all,
this league i've been mostly playing this build :)

At the moment i'm ress capped , almost 6k HP and tooltip says 75k dps with splitting steel.

im changing gems for thougher bosses with lancing steel.

any idea for some better weapons?

My build :)
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Hi All,

I've made it as the first Champion Splitting Steel character to 100 and right now the first dual wield in damage (4th overall) on poeninja. I have to say once all the bugs and issues were fixed with the skill and paradoxica the build was very enjoyable and the damage is really good. I used paradoxica in main hand and then the saviour in offhand. For a period of time I had a really insane foil in my off hand that gave me about 2.4mil dmg (poeninja dmg) and it was good. While the saviour reduced my overall dmg to 1.9mil (poeninja dmg) it made mapping and bossing so much more smooth. I highly recommend it in offhand.

My only gripe with the build is the defenses, while they aren't bad there is still the potential for one-shots randomly. I did make it to 100 with 34 deaths and most were spikes or early leveling.

Overall I was extremely happy with the build and Aziire's guide he was also very helpful live on his streams. It isn't a top tier skill IMO but it is fun, has good clear and can do all end game grinds.

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