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[3.11] Deadeye Varunastra Shattering Steel

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[3.12] Shattering Steel no longer can hit one enemy with multiple projectiles and will deal increased damage close up instead of far away. Since our main source of damage were projectiles killing bosses will be harder. I will write more when they'll unveil the gem.

Varunastra + Fan of Blades = projectiles
Shattering Steel can hit one enemy with multiple projectiles + projectiles = big damage :)
Video coming soon
budget: https://pastebin.com/ZB5kmUQZ
Pros and cons
-High sustain
-Big Area of Effect
-Hits hard
-Needs to be close for max dps
1. Rupture - gives us chance to bleed and gives us additional critical strike chance and multiplier against bleeding enemies. Also we get +30 life when we hit bleeding enemies and Shattering Steel works like Barrage as in multiple projectiles from one attack can hit one enemy multiple times so even when there’s one enemy around we get 330 life for each attack(11 projectiles * 30 hp = 330hp).
2. Gathering Winds - not only do we get Tailwind, we also have 10% additional tailwind effect for every skill used recently(up to 100%).
3. Powerful Precision - we pierce nearby enemies, +3 pierces and we get +100% crit chance with hits that pierce. It’s great, helps with clear and 100% crit is huge.
4. Fast and Deadly - 10% attack speed, 30% increased projectile damage, 50% more accuracy rating. Solid dps boost and could help getting 100% hit chance.
Kill all or help Alira.
-Varunastra - it isn’t the highest dps weapon around but the fact that it counts as every one-handed weapon type allows us to use Fan of Knives passive from large cluster jewel which gives an additional projectile to attack skills.
-Beltimber Blade - additional two projectiles, PoB says it gives more damage than another Varunastra, but I’m not sure if dual wielding is calculated properly for Shattering Steel. Put it in your off-hand slot.
-Oskarm - we get a lot of accuracy, crit chance, assassin’s mark and some spell dodge chance too.
-The Nomad - gives nice damage and 75% elemental resistance could be hard to get the bonuses early on since they require 200 str and 200 int,
-Marylene’s Fallacy - huge dps boost, reduces our critical strike chance but significantly increases our critical strike multiplier.
For other items we use rares. Important stats are: hp, resistances and attributes.
Some nice modifiers that we want:
-Nearby Enemies take increased physical damage
-+Accuracy Rating
-+1 to socketed AoE gems
-Best Enchant is Shattering Steel fires additional projectile
Body Armour:
-Socketed attacks have -mana cost
-Attacks have +% to critical strike chance
-+% Life
-Additional Curse(you wouldn’t need to have awakened curse on hit)
-+to socketed gems
-Movement Speed
-Chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike
-Physical Damage to Attacks
-Increased Projectile Damage
-Physical Attack Damage leeched as Life
For large clusters we want:

-Fan of Blades - this is very powerful, since we are not using a bow or a quiver there are not a lot of sources of additional projectiles for us and some even being detrimental like Fury Valve. What it does is it gives us an additional projectile to our attacks while wielding a claw or a dagger and Varunastra counts as every one-handed melee weapon so we get the bonus.
-Smite the weak - it gives us a 10% chance to maim enemies on hit and 40% increased damage against maimed enemies. With three of those we get 120% increased damage, very powerful and 30% chance to maim which with our Maim Support comes to 60% chance.
-Vicious Skewering - gives us additional chance to bleed and impale and also increases the effect of impales inflicted by hits that also inflict bleeding.

For medium clusters we want:

-Eye to Eye - increases our damage with projectiles and we get another increased to hits against nearby enemies
-Repeater - another increase to our damage with projectiles and some attack speed.
For small clusters we want:
Small life jewels with Fettle.

You want to have 8 passives for large, 4-5 for medium and 2 for small.

Use other jewel sockets to cap your resistances and attribute requirements.
If you’re rich you can use Watcher’s Eye with:
- +2 impales while affected by Pride
- chance to deal double damage while affected by Pride
- crit multiplier while affected by Precision
-Dying Sun - two additional projectiles, we don’t care about increased AoE since Shattering Steel doesn’t scale with it
-Bottled Faith - gives us a nice damage boost but it is costly
-Diamond Flask - preferably with increased crit chance and increased duration
For other flasks use whatever you feel like, remember to get bleed and freeze immunity.
Shattering Steel - Brutality - Maim - Vicious Projectiles - Impale - Greater Multiple Projectiles/Slower Projectiles(gmp helps with clear - it makes Shattering Steel wider but Slower Projectiles gives us more dps)
Pride - Flesh and Stone - Herald of Purity - Enlighten
Ancestral Protector - Maim - Impale
Blood Rage - Vaal Haste -|- Cast When Damage Taken - Steelskin
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify or if you’re rich:
Leap Slam - Fortify - Awakened Curse on Hit - Projectile Weakness
Precision(don’t level it up unless you have mana to spare) - Summon Lightning Golem - Enlighten
When entering a map pop blood rage and refresh it whenever it’s ended. Try to keep your Lightning Golem alive. Whenever a challenging foe appears put down an Ancestral Protector and use your vaal Haste. Always have your Flesh and Stone in blood stance. If you’re using leap slam with curse on hit try to jump into your enemies to apply Projectile Weakness.

If you have any question feel free to pm me in game or dm me on discord:

My youtubler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBOmvExC13NYDscR6fHn97w
Twittler: https://twitter.com/Str34my
Twitchler: https://www.twitch.tv/swetru
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Look great! waiting for video show case
Thoughts on using this for new Splitting Steel skill?

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