[3.13] The Masked Esmeralda - Life Based Champion Cursebot

[3.13] Still a stupid idea and still works. Thanks you Chris for not killing any of my builds this league.

I'll be streaming from 21/09/2020 come join me.

[3.12] Vulnerability now causes ailments inflicted on cursed enemies to deal damage 20% faster instead of increased damage over time with physical damage and it no longer grants chance to maim. Punishment gives cursed enemies to take 50% increased damage while on Low Life, it's pretty bad. We can support poison builds now.


I've been playing support builds in previous leagues, so I wanted to this league too. I wanted to play crybot support like last league but warcries got nerfed to the ground, so I came up with this weird Champion cursebot amalgamation that boosts physical damage through the roof. Later I'm gonna add variants for other damage types.

So how much damage are we giving? Just ask your friend to paste this jewel into his build and place it in an empty jewel socket. Or hijack their build with import function and check for yourself.
Buff jewel
Cobalt Jewel
Implicits: 0
Grants level 22 temporal chains
You can apply an additional Curse
Grants level 22 Vulnerability
You can apply an additional Curse
Grants level 21 Punishment
You can apply an additional Curse
Grants level 21 Assassin's Mark
You can apply an additional Curse
85% increased curse effect
Vulnerability has 225% increased curse effect
[war banner]
30% increased attack damage
39% increased Accuracy Rating
Nearby Enemies take 21% increased Physical Damage
[5 impales Master of Metal]
30 to 60 added attack physical damage
12% increased movement speed
[Worthy Foe]
Hits can't be evaded
20% more damage
10% more physical damage
Physical version: https://pastebin.com/btwupNig (it has 2 and 3 large cluster versions)
I'm using LocalIdentity's PoB fork https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/deon82/localidentitys_path_of_building_v141514_fork/

Heretic's Veil is pretty much a nobrainer for us. It gives us blasphemy support and reduces mana reservation of socketed curses. Get one with curse effect enchant or with corrupt that affects level of curse gems (duration, aoe, curse).

This one is also a must since we're not playing Occultist we need to be able to curse hexproof enemies. It also gives us +1 curse.

Windshrieks give us another +1 curse and a lot of Curse AoE.

The last mandatory item is up to you, you can choose either:
-a corrupted amulet with +1 curse

-Doedre's Damming
-Vixen's Entrapment

Or any combination of above depending on how many curses you want to use, in the physical variant we are using 5 so we don't need all of these items. Vixen's entrapment casts socketed curses whenever you use a curse skill so you could self cast them instead of using blasphemy it frees up so mana which can let you cast some additional auras.

Hands of the high Templar with curse, aoe, duration lvl implicits is very good for us too.

Al Dhih reduces cooldown of warcries and lets you explode enemies.

Redblade Banner makes our warcries have infinte power and increase the duration of our taunts. You can also use a rare shield with reduced mana reservation.

Use other slots to cap resistances and get some hp.

Flasks are up to you but you're probably gonna need one like this:

cause we don't have a lot of mana.
For large jewels Voices is the best choice but it's really expensive. Second best choice is a large Physical with exploit weakness or:

we want Riot Queller and Veteran Defender on second and third slot otherwise it's gonna be on the opposite site of the jewel. Riot Queller is very rare so instead of it you can get Prodigious Defence or Gladiator's Fortitude.

This the is bread and butter of our build. Exploit weakness gives us 25% Vulnerability curse effect and Forbidden words reduces mana reserved for curses and gives us some more curse effect.

In small jewel sockets put small clusters with Fettle or regular jewels.
Bandits and Ascendancy
Bandits: kill all
Ascendancy order: Master of Metal > Inspirational > Conqueror > Worthy Foe
In helmet: Temporal Chains - Enfeeble - Vulnerability - Enlighten/Empower/Another curse

In Armour: Cyclone - Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Life gained on Hit - Fortify

Blasphemy - Punishment - Assassin's Mark(if crits)/Despair(bleed)/Warlord's Mark(endurance charges)/Poacher's Mark(frenzy charges)

Enduring Cry - Intimidating Cry - Second Wind - Urgent Orders

War Banner - Enhance - Empower

Summon Stone Golem and depending on how much mana you have left Auras of your choosing
Taunt enemies, pop Enduring when on low hp and curse everything.

If you have any question feel free to pm me in game or dm me on discord:

My youtubler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBOmvExC13NYDscR6fHn97w
Twittler: https://twitter.com/Str34my
Twitchler: https://www.twitch.tv/swetru
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Hey interesting build, do you mind posting a video of the build? Would like to see the build in action. How would you advise in this transition from a starter build?
Since cluster jewels are probably gonna be hard to come by in the beginning of the league you may want to juggle points around to get more reduced mana reservation. You could easily make them in harvest since spamming reforge with physical modifiers you always got exploit weakness.
just wanted to say never seen a physical curse bot on a champion thats for sure...
great imagination keep it up would love to see a video of this build..
Doing this build, lvl 91. What do u think? Me next changes:

> Get anoint on amulet +1 curses
> Change Doedre ring for yellow ring hp+resis
> Change gloves for high templar ones with +4 cries

Hey glad to hear that you're playing my build, hope you're enjoying it. :)


I fiddled a bit with your tree and this is what I came up with, I've added a few alternative trees you may want to check out, brief explanation of them:
-"right"-that's a cost efficient way to transition into large clusters, we also get Whispers of Doom and some aura effect, you would need to find some more sources of mana reservation though.
-"leftright"-we drop that large jewel socket on the left, keep the one in the top-left corner and go for the top-right with Whispers of Doom.
-"large"-the option with large cluster jewel, it's more cost effective and you can also get Lord of Drought with fire damage ones.

I think that getting an anoint is too expensive, getting Whispers of Doom the normal way is a better way like in "leftright" tree. You also get 10% curse effect and can grab that reduced reservation and life. You should really focus on large clusters first.
Here's a search for the large jewels: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/MYQkeXRiJ When crafting you need to check where did Lord of Drought land, you don't want it on the first slot cause that mean that it's gonna be in the middle and you don't want to waste points to go that far.

Instead of anointing I'd go with a corrupted amulet with +1 curse and then drop Doedre's. Getting rid of Doedre is a good idea since it doesn't provide us with much.

I saw that you're using intimidating cry. Intimidating cry intimidates enemies that's 10% more damage with attacks, if whoever is playing with you is using spells I'd drop it. Since you're using flammability I came to a conclusion that whoever you're playing with is dealing primarily fire damage so infernal cry could be better.

Cries don't gain as much with levels as they used to. Enduring cry has 1976 life/s on level 20 and 2223 on 24 - not worth it. Intimidating gains duration and cast speed. Infernal gives a bit more damage to you, but doesn't buff your friends. High Templar gloves could be bomb with +4 curses, but you would need to figure out mana reservation.
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Hey Sweter, thanks for the help, i made some changes with your tips.

I can't see the PoB tree, Pob Web y failing when i try to charge it.

U helped me a lot. Infernal Cry is fucking awesome, i can do heists alone.

Hi i have a question about your Al Dhih in your Pob, why it's like this?

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