Harvest Fan Art Competition Runners-Up

Very nice, especially the second one.
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Diablo_4_ever wrote:
Harvest garden died for this

ProjectPT died for Harvest
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now that's a tiddie.
“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”
Runners-up putting out some high quality work. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
"Boobs? in my Path of Exile?"
It's more likely than you think.
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Fascinating...the "runner ups" are much more in tune with the "Harvest" mindset than the victors...Just my 2 cents! Well done POE peeps!
PegasusRideR wrote:
I'm overally disappointed with juries in this competition. So many good works got wasted and instead many not so good works chosen both in the competition and runners-up. I don't want to point out those works one by one as I don't think it would be right, but you can see some more disappointments in the winners thread. Tho I want to mention one work that I liked a lot, which is nowhere to be found. It was signed with name "Valenende". I'd definitely put it to top 5. I'd also make 2nd one winner. I'd do both top 20 and runners up different. Yes, art is a subjective thing but to me this looks as bad as like some random people chose the winners instead of proper juries.

agree, GGG you don't value your artists from community.
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The piece by kanterbow is my fav. Congrats to all!
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Kassiopea_M more please ;)
[Removed by Support] Drop the pylons or make them work like pylons in Star Craft fuck. Turn in the blade for a plow *eye roll*
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