[3.17] One shot Tectonic Slam Chieftain. Great Damage and Survivability. Melting all content.

I see some changes in warcries which are maybe useful. is there a possibility that we actually got buffed?
on the other Hand boneshatter did not get a huge nerf.

Maybe the weapon crucible tree will matter.
Interested in the viability of the build for the upcoming season.

Prolly will start a RF Jugg but at some point I plan on changing the whole build to something else, so would love to know if this will get updated or just forgotten until Melee is better as a whole.

Man I like slams.

Any chance of a updated PoB? Really want to play tecnonic this league
dmetal66 wrote:
After 4 entire leagues, I was finally able to make this build work.

So far I'll say is that,

- this build is not new player friendly
- it requires a lot of gear and skills to get it going
- it has high game knowledge and actions per minute requirement
- most of all, it suffers from being a melee build in PoE.

But damn, this is the best build I have played in the last 10 leagues!

I love One-shot Tectonic Slam Chieftain.

Thank you Jenno for the guide and the inspiration!

How are you finding the current version of your tectonic slam?

Curious as to how you made it work as well, definitely want to make this build viable again on my character.

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