🔥ssF guild Recruitment--🎇--Largest SSF guild in PoE. Looking for pure SSF (sc or hc) players only.🔥

SleepyBigod wrote:
Hey, so I started playing PoE this league in Softcore trade league and I have learned a tonne, but my end game goal has always been to play HCSSF and I feel I may aswell start playing there now, so am wondering if I can join the guild when I make my SSF character, will have to learn how to get upgrades, where specific stuff is farmed, more vendor recipies i dont yet know, cant wait!

Yeah, for sure!!

I would like to join please, my HCSSF chars are VandaGonnaDie and VandaED (mainly play the second one now as i prefer the playstyle)
Hey! Id like to join the guild. Im taking the step to only play SSF from now on and in the future leagues as well. I started playing in Legacy league and always played SC leagues. I learned to craft and got decent amount knowledge of it to manage SC SFF now. I have always played solo as well and SSF have always been a interested for me but now im taking the step :D

I dont have a SSF character yet but I will make one in a bit when I figure out what build im going for.

My account name is Hyde84

Hope to hear from you guys soon

Edit: Im going EQ Jugg as my first SSF character.

Character name: Hyde_SSF_Heist
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Hey I would love to join! Started my first SC SSF character in Heist and been having a ton of fun with it.

Character name is Lyrriel, account name is TheresNoFreeLunch
Message me in game @SleepyHarvester
May I check out the guild while I delve endlessly this week?

IGN Nyvinian
Message me in game @SleepyHarvester
SSF_LUMOSKE, looking to switch back completely to ssf
Message me in game @SleepyHarvester
Char is FloataLothar, doing pure ssf again this league, looking for mature people to chat and socialize during the ssf adventure :) in my 30s, having career in law sector, chill and relaxed :) i would be very happy about an invite.
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Invite sent
Message me in game @SleepyHarvester

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