🔥ssF guild Recruitment--🎇--Largest SSF guild in PoE. Looking for pure SSF (sc or hc) players only.🔥

Guild Name: <<<Solo Self Found>>>
Abbreviation: <ssF>

"There is a fine line between consideration and hesitation. The former is wisdom, the latter is fear."

This SSF guild welcomes players of all skill levels and from anywhere in the world.

Why this guild?
-Active discord with over 400 members. We run discord-based guild events where players have the opportunity to win MTX and points for completing challenges each league. The challenges are beginner friendly so that all skill levels will have a chance to win, and truly invested players having higher chances to win.
-Supportive community. Active in-game chat. Questions about a build or a mechanic? Ask and you will get an answer! No HC vs SC debates. Respect is key.
English is the preferred language for chat to be most inclusive for the current guild demographics.
-Unlike the few other SSF guilds out there, this guild has a higher bar for personal conduct. Most of the toxic, offensive, elitist, etc. types have been filtered out of the guild. We take pride in how friendly our guild is, and that is saying something as we have about 250 members (and around 400 on our discord)!

General Guild Guidelines
1. [[ Golden Rule ]] This is a pure SSF guild. You must play SC SSF and/or HC SSF 100% while you are in the guild. If you begin playing a trade league/standard character, please leave the guild and ask for an invite back when you are back to 100% SSF. If you are spotted playing a non-ssf character you will either be insta-kicked or asked to temporarily leave. Do not take it personal if you are kicked or questioned for these reasons; we look forward to hearing back from you when you want to rejoin as a pure SSF player.

2. [[ SC vs HC ]] Do not make jokes/talk down to people regarding SC vs HC. Two different modes for different people for different reasons.

3. [[ Conduct ]] Be supportive and helpful. Do not be a nuisance, unruly, arrogant, condescending, etc. Be respectful. If you disagree with someone you can still be respectful. No hate speech, racism or anything excessively offensive, even if it’s just joking. This, and the other guild rules apply to our voice channels as well. If a member has offended you feel free to send a screenshot to one of the leaders or officers, we will keep your report anonymous. Our memes channel is a bit of an exception to this rule, so enter that channel at your own risk.

4. [[ Content ]] All poe related discussion in our in-game chat and Discord must be strictly from an SSF perspective and must not include trade league clips, screenshots, insight, items, builds, or anything else trade-league related.

5. [[ Former/Prospective Members ]] Our Discord server is welcome to former and prospective members who are currently playing trade leagues. However, as always; rule #4 must be strictly adhered to.

6. [[ Illegal Tools ]] The guild does not encourage the use of any illegal tools/macros/scripts/etc. (for example flask macros). We take the stance that punishment for cheating is between you and GGG. However, any one caught using any illegal advantages will be barred from participating in guild events.

7. [[ Inactivity ]] You may be kicked from the guild for being inactive for too long (usually a mass pruning occurs the first week after a new league starts). Feel free to request an invite back to the guild when you become an active player again.

8. [[ Disclaimer ]] Although being on our discord is not yet a guild requirement, all members have been invited to join it and all members will be treated as though they have read these rules. Not reading the guild rules is NOT an excuse to break them.

9. << RECOMMENDED >> Use a recognizable tag in all of your character names in-game so everyone knows who you are. For example, I always use the tag "Sleepy..." in all of my PoE character names. Also, we recommend you change your discord nickname in this server to include the tag you use in PoE for the same reasons.

(If you happen to join please read the rules on our discord as they may be slightly more detailed/updated)

TLDR; If you are a friendly, pure SSF player interested in joining; please ask any questions here or simply post one of your character names and one of us will invite you soon.
Message me in game @SleepyHarvester
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Congrats to our Harvest League Mid-league MTX Box Winners, Viray (SC) and Rhiraden (HC). MTX Point draw soon!
Joined the guild at the start of Metamorph league as im a SSF player only. Never really saw the point in a SSF guild to begin with but saw someone in Global message about it and said why not.

3 Leagues later I am very happy I made that call. This is a great group of people from all over the world. No elitism regarding if you play SC or HC, if you are brand new or extremely experienced.

The guild has grown massively since then expanding into a really good discord server full or SSF guides and helpful hints along with members to discuss all things SSF with.

Guild events have now started to be run with actual MTX prizes up for grabs each season just for some extra fun. This is a new incentive but has been great and is actually funded by the guild leaders.

For a guild this size there is also almost no animosity between memebers, differing opinions and ideas about things? Sure. The biggest factor is it is well run and gives people a chance to share thoughts and ideas whilst also having good guild guidelines to keep it a happy and harmonious place.

Spots often open up due to people deciding to return to trade leagues or stopping playing so do not hesitate to apply you will not regret it.

Message here on ingame to one of the officers or feel free to join our discord to ask any questions and get an invite - https://discord.gg/tS7kwM

Stay safe exiles - Sgoggles
Hi, I'm going to play SSF starting next league (Heist), ditching trade league as I don't want to spend time trading anymore with my limited playtime. Would be cool if I have guildmates that can show me the ins and outs of SSF while playing. Any chance to let me join? Discord link above has expired btw.
I'll join.

On a big SSF kick.

Throw me a pm.


Character name: CheLseAxGriNNxSSF
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Message me in game @SleepyHarvester
Sound good!Send me an invite if theres still a free spot

Name: SSF_MissingTextures
Congrats to our Harvest League Guild Event point winners:
Looking to join When a spot Opens up! been playing sc ssf for about 4 leagues now.

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