[3.11] Ngamahu's Cyclone Scion [Budget, Reflect Immune, All Content, Fast]

Where skill tree
hellpond-ttv wrote:
Where skill tree

under POB and Build notes?

also i kinda didn't bump this build this league, as basically 3/5 meta builds use vivinsect, the budget aspect (which i centered the build around) is kinda dead; and i had some health issues.

Skill tree had no changes (which affected us) in 3.12 so the skill tree is accurate, and if you can't open it, then use the COMMUNITY version of POB.

if you do not use the COMMUNITY version of POB it will not work at all.

if you refuse to download POB for whatever reason, check my profile, in STD there should be a char named "Eternal Rime" you can see the tree from there, and then follow the ascendancy tab.

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