[3.11] The Invisible Summoner - LL - 8 Auras / 1 Buff - Classic Summoner


· I played with summoner for a long time in PoE, and here Im sharing my build with you. Feel free to reply in this post and also take the build as yours to make any adaptation on your way. Coments and advices are very welcome and very well received.


1. Videos
2. Passive Tree / Ascendancy / The Pantheon / Bandits
3. Minions / Curse / Elemental Equilibrium / Auras
4. Gems Setups
5. Gear / Jewels / Flasks
6. Maps

[3.11] Harvest

· Sirus, Awakener of Worlds
· T:16 Map

· You do not know what it is, and how to use PoB? Path of Building is an offline build planner for Path of Exile. Thanks to PoB, it is possible to calculate approximately the status of the desired build without actually having a character already formed in the game.
· You can download PoB at this Link. And follow these steps when PoB is already working:
  • Import / Export Build
  • Enter account name: jeniuscury
  • Start
  • Select currently character on league Harvest. Character name: HTMNIE
  • Import Passive Tree and Jewels
  • Import items and skills
  • Done
· Here you will be redirected to a video on youtube, where you can watch and learn how to use PoB. The video is a bit long, but very well done.


· Commander of Darkness
· Mindless Aggression
· Unnatural Strength
· Bone Barrier


· Most of the time I change depending on the mods of each map or situation I'm going to face. But in general I keep Soul of Solaris as Major God to avoid Critical Strike Hits and Soul of Tukohama as Minor God for Physical Damage Reduction and Energy Shield Regen.


· Kill them all for two passive points.


Spectres· 🏹
· Redemptions Sentry, they are still the new guys for me. Thats because I play for many time with Flame Sentinels and my last league was Delve. Thats more then one year not playing. Well, old things are supose to go to be replaced for the new ones. The cool thing with Spectres Summoner Builds is that for change the Spectres you just basically change the Gems Setups, Curses and maybe damage auras like Hatred in this case. You dont need to play with the famous or meta Spectre. Im most from the side that people should play with the more suitable on their own style. Im really enjoy the projectile kind, and for that reason I cant never imagine my self playing with Slave Drivers or some melee spectre for example.
· Redemptions Sentry can be found in maps where you spawn Veritania, the Redeemer. Their base damage are Physical, where 75% is Converted to Cold Damage.
· Its very important for the build to achieve lvl 25 at least with the Raise Spectre gem. Being lvl 25 the gem will allowed you to have +1 to maximum number of Spectres and make them be a monster lvl 83.
· Considering that you have summon at least one Redemption Sentry already you can just entry in the area where you will raise them and cast Desecrate on the ground. Eventually they will appear between the corps and you can summon them.
· Down below is a picture from a Redemption Sentry summoned as a Spectre.

Zombies· 🧟
· They are only for defense, but this is not to say that they are not important. With the Ascendency node Bone Barrier we receive 1% of Physical Damage Reduction per Minion up to 10% and ES increased recovery. Also, while doing maps they will be always close to you thanks to the Support gem Meat Shield, reducing the chance of you getting hit by projectiles.

Stone Golem· 🗿
· There are different types of golems and each one offer to the player benefits that can be for damage or defenses. Thanks to Zealoth's Oath keystone node in the Passive Tree, the life regeneration is applied to the Energy Shield instead of life. Not only the Stone Golem, but any other source of life regen will worth to be converted to ES regen.

Animate Guardian· 💂
· First of all I want to make it clear that this is my opinion and if you do not agree I respect it in the same way that I respect your opinion, whatever it may be. In the end, that's the fun of this game. The complexity and at the same time the variety in basically everything.
· There are many gears viable to be use with Animate Guardian. You can go for damage or even for defenses, you should choose one according to your play style. But take very care with the radius from the different items. That will help you choosing the right gear and also you will have an idea depending on your choice if you or your minions are indeed receiveing the bonus while you are playing in game.
· In this image below are the distance radius of the game. With this picture for example we can see with our eyes and be able to know how far the skills that have area modifiers can have an effect (you can open it in a new tab for a better zoom from the numbers).

· As I said, there are different types of gear that are generally used. A build with clusters for Critical with Spectres uses Guardian with Kingmaker. Looking at the picture we can find the radius that Kingmaker affects with its bonuses. It reaches only 30 units. With the average price a little expensive, it is necessary to invest in an excellent gear so that the AG does not die and that way all items are get lost. Two factors that I think AG with Kingmaker are not 100% effective with range Spectres.
· First: Range Spectres are going to be some distance away from the bosses and probably split around the arena by using Deathmark. Lets suppose the AG is linked to Meatshield, so he will always be close to the summoner. Unfortunately, necromancer builds are not able to stand around and moving just in a limited area, because on that way they will eventually become the target.
· Another situation would be the AG linked with Feeding Frenzy Support. That way he would be Agressive and will attack anything that is nearby. AG cannot use ranged weapons, which makes it mandatory to be melee. Still with the idea that Spectres are spread around the arena, the bonus is even less effective. This is because instead of the AG being following you (as in the previous example linked with Meatshield) now the radius is limited to 30 units starting from the target since the AG will be have to be close enough to deal melee damage.
· Now answer this question for yourself: Are your Spectres receiving Kingmaker's benefit for a considerable period of time in battle?
· One of the cheapest and most common setups that is used is: Dying Breath + Leer Cast. Both significantly increase damage with auras for nearby allies. With this setup the radius is high, reaching both up to 75 units.

· The gear I'm wearing is hardly used by what I can see. It is focused on the Mask of the Tribunal, using the Strength variation. I have seen some members of the community citing possibilities but trying to accumulate Intelligence for Crit Multip. Per every 100 Strength nearby allies have 4 - 6% increased Defenses. You can already imagine that all the rest of the gear will be looking for high amount of Strength.
· The other pieces are: Meginord's Vise +100 Str, Rare Boots with +55 Str, The Iron Fortress +85 and Sign of the Sin Eater +30 Str. Having the items with these rolls you reach 300 Str. That way increasing the ES and becoming immune to Ailments thanks to the Sign of the Sin Eater that will cause the Guardian to be counting instead of you. With this setup you still have the second hand free for a weapon or shield. A Singularity can be used. That way playing with Meat Shield the monsters nearby to your guardian will take 25% reduced movement speed. The radius of the Sigularity item aura is 35 units.
· You can reach +400 Strength, increasing your ES and also providing 2% of Life Regen to your AG thanks to Meginord's Vise. Using a Doon Cuebiyari with +70 Strength + The Iron Fortress with high Strenght roll. This variation is a little expensive since the random Strengh from the chest can roll from 60 - 120. Also the two Scepters with perfect roll are sold at a slightly more expensive price. Also the two Scepters with perfect roll are sold at a slightly more expensive price. A good investment at a fair price. Prices are not going to be absurd.
· Here you can see a combination of items that together add up to +400 Str.


· Projectile Weakness was the choice for better clear speed and projectile Damage. The curse is applied with Curse on hit support by using Arc, and at the same time monsters get debuff on resists by -50% from Elemental Equilibrium.
· Why Arc? Take into account that the Spectres will certainly not need to cast more than 1 - 2 arrows to kill the entire Pack of monsters. Most of the time the Spectres will be faster than you and before you think of cursing the enemies they will be dead. Closed this part, what's left? Bosses! Since the main idea of ​​the build is to keep distance and always be moving around, Arc is perfect for this, because you can position yourself anywhere in the arena and cast the spell, and the skill itself will do the job of finding the target and going to meet it.


· In addition to regeneration, another important factor for survival are the use of auras. I currently using 8 auras which are: Vaal Haste, Hatred, Vitality, Vaal Discipline, Clarity (level 5), Purity of Fire, Vaal impurity of Ice, Purity of Lightning and Arctic Armour.

Vaal Impurity of Ice and Vaal Haste
· Both them are a damage boost for the Spectres. It is very short but has its value. When it is activated Vaal Haste has increase Higjt Attack Speed and Vaal Impurity of Ice affect nearby enemies causing their cold resistance to be ignored.

Vaal Discipline
· Playing with ES we cant relly on flasks to recover it. Thats why its made it a way to get hight ES regen. On that way Vaal Discipline works like a flask on emergency cases. Even that only for once this gem saves from the death not just this but many other builds based on Energy Shield.
· There is one option to play with flasks to recover the ES. Its using the unique flask The Sorrow of the Divine and a Life Flask with a mod applying Instantly Recovery on low life. On that way the Life flask will have effet on your Energy Shield. But i recomend playing with the following flasks linked in here in the guide.

Shavronne's Wrappings

Raise Spectre
Minion Damage
Elemental Focus
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Elemental Damage With Attacks

The Vertex

Raise Zombie
Meat Shield
Animate Guardian


Curse on Hit
Projectile Weakness
Purity of Fire


Blood Magic
Arctic Armour
Purity of Lightning (Unlinked)


Flesh Offering
Stone Golem

Prism Guardian

Vaal Discipline
Vaal Haste


Purity of Ice

Variation - Clear Speed

· Considering that you manage to have a Shavronne`s Wrappings with 3 blue, 1 red, 1 green and at least 1 white socket you can play with this setup changing only one gem on the Spectres links. The gem in the white socket should be Deathmark, switching for Chain. Here you can see how Clear Speed ​​is. The problem in this mode is that you will need to switch the gems on bosses to make them faster and in a safe way.


Switchable - Single Target / End Game Bosses - Sirus Inc

· There are some bosses that many builds need to make some adjustments for hard fights moments. For those situations I switch the following gems:
· Animate Guardian for Empower. Switch for Empower or turn off your Guardian. If you are using the same setup as me, there is no reason on keeping it on the fight with you. Even considering that the gear items are cheap, he will eventually die. Thats because its not linked with Empower + Minion life / Meat Shield.
· Meat Shield for Feeding Frenzy. Not using the Animate Guardian to the fight, there is no reason on using Meat Shield. Instead switch for Feeding Frenzy. On that way, Zombies will grant us Feeding Frenzy Buff, adding more damage to Spectres.
· Convocation for Flame Dash. Battle arenas are smalls and many bosses skills require players to have movement skills. Convocation will not be needed on fights like those.
· Greater Multiple Projectiles for Vicious Projectiles. Arenas with only one single boss do not require many projectiles. On that way for a great single target, opt for a single projectile with out the less damage from GMP.


Shavronne's Wrappings
Using 9 auras does not focus only on damage for the minions. It is also for the survival of the necromancer himself. To be able to do this the only way is to combine this armor with the Prism Guardian. Being able to use auras not only in mana but also in life.
The Vertex
You may wonder: why not a +3 Helmet with Minion Life mod? Manage to get a +3 Helmet with hight ES and Minion Life mod will be hard and expensive. So for Hight ES + the Chaos Res and also the +1 I choose The Vertex.
After many years, in Delve league, the summoners have gained a new option for boots made with Fossils where it is possible to have +1 Spectre. But, Spectres mechanichs on that way were nerfed, and now for +1 spectre you need to upgrade the Raise Spectre gem level. For reaching lvl 25 with the gem to be able to have +1 Spetre you will very probably need one boot with the mod +1 to Level of all Raise Spectre Gems. The other status should be Hight Es + Movement Speed.
As the build asks for many unique items, the rare ones are where we will be free to cap the resistances, attributes and get as much Energy Shield as possible.
Prism Guardian
I started playing summoner for real in 2.0. So far it was just another character. How do I remember exactly? Because it was when the Prism Guardian was buffed from +1, to +2 level of the auras gems. Using the 9 auras is not possible without it. This is because it already saves a slot: Blood Magic Support, and also reduces the reserved mana of the socket gems by 25%. That way it is possible to use aura in life, since chaos damage cannot pass through the Energy Shield because of Shavronne's Wrappings.
For many time the wand used was Midnight Bargain. For reaching the Spectre gem lvl 25+ you will need a wand wih +1/+2 combined with the Ascendancy, a Boot +1 or a corrupted Raise Spectre Gem 21. I know that the following rare wand its a ultimate item for the build. But a low tier attack speed and Increase Damage for minions will be ok. Also Midnight Bargain its not a bad choice while farming stuffs to build a strong gear. The good thing on retiring the Midnight Bargain is that we have 25% life reserved free for using one more aura. While playing with Midnight Bargain you should take out the Arctic Armour gem, since there will be not enought mana/life to be reserved for the skill.

Strength will be extremely necessary in the rings. Otherwise, you will need to sacrifice passive tree points by allocating the Might and Physique nodes. Search for Strenght, ES and Resistances.

Darkness Enthroned
As in the passive there are not many points available to acquire Jewel Sockets this Belt allows us to use 2 Ghastly Eyes.
Presence of Chayula
Imunity to stun, to rise your Energy Shield and so on your Chaos Res.


Energy From Within
This jewel will help by increasing the Energy Shield. The image shows you where to allocated it.

Watcher's Eye
The most important mod is Energy Shield Regeneration while affected by Discipline. Particularly I like and I think Phasing is important, if I did not get the mode in the Jewel I would probably use a Quartz Flask. But there are many other mods, and the cool thing to play with 8 auras (or more) is that we can make several combinations with this item. It would be ideal to get one (beyond the regen and Phasing) with some other mod while affected by Discipline. Movement Speed ​​while affected by Grace, or Maximum Mana Converted to Energy Shield while affected by Clarity are great options if you can afford it.
Rare Jewels
I'm using 4 Ghastly Eyes. With specific mods in some of them. The right ones are the ones I'm wearing on the Belt for 75% inc effect. The specific mods applied when the minions attack make an excellent combination together. Down below is what each mod guarantee as debuffs on monsters. Try to search for high ES, Life Regen while moving and the following specific mods:
· Blind is a debuff that reduce the chance to hit of the affected target by 50% and lowers the light radius to the minimum value.
· Taunt is a debuff that make enemies deal 10% less damage to targets that aren't the source of the taunt.

Unending Hunger
Great Jewel combination with the gems setup for clear speed (Chain + GMP) its a great option either for maps or Delve. If used, it has to be allocated in the opposite side of the Energy From Within position. On the left side of the Passive Tree.


· These are the Flasks that im currently using. Since tha main problem from the build is the Physical Damage, I cant stay with out the Basalt and Granite effect. The Sulphur worth for life regen and Quicksilver to keep it up a hight movement speed.

· Players cannot regenerate / Players have less recovery of Life, Mana and Energy Shield can be a problem. Im use to skip those mods on maps. Thats because in addition to the auras another important defense is Regeneration of the Energy Shield. The problem with mana would be solved easily by a Mana Flask, but it is dangerous to rely only on the Energy Shield Recharge.
· Elemental Reflect can be easily solved with a ring with Hunter influence with the mod that reduced Reflected Damage combined with Soul of yugul.
· Here it is possible to see a video where I make a T16 map with Ele Reflect. I planned to show the allies life bar but forgot to activate it in the settings. But you can see that I didnt even worry about Spectres survivability.

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Really happy to be back. I hope to stay longer this time.

For a easy change log in q future.
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Hi. Please write Pros/Cons, and cost build for map T1-T15, and full-endgame.
Hello, really nice build, might try it after the league. Just two things I was thinking about. After changes to spectres, you dont care about area lvl they are from, just level of the gem itself. Secondly, I really love Arc but for applying the EE and curses, some brand skill might be better as it will attach to the enemy. Mean no hate, just some insight :)
EkbMazaFaka wrote:
Hi. Please write Pros/Cons, and cost build for map T1-T15, and full-endgame.

Hi There, I think the Pros and Cons should be a very personal opinion. Those contents would be based on how you play the game. But of course nothing prevents me from leaving you with my opinion here.

One of the major weaknesses of the build is the Physical Damage taken. It is a pity that there is no possibility of applying life / ES leech through the Specters. I recognize that this would be OP, but have you noticed how it is possible to do with numerous secondary skills such as Totem and Mines? I haven't played life build in a long time, and I'm afraid to go back and get used to using flasks and life recovery in some way other than Regen.

Choosing to play without clusters was because in addition to being expensive and difficult to achieve, I would sacrifice many points on the Passive Tree. So I opted for the regular Minion Damage points on the Tree and be able to balanced like that in terms of damage and defenses. Then comes the fun part of playing with + 1k ES Regen. Is cery difficult to die considering that to Regen we are immune to Stun and +81 to all resistances, just try to keep your flasks always activated.

Prices are also very varied to talk about, considering that they vary a lot and besides that the market is free. The most expensive items are going to be Shavronne's and maybe your boot or glove depending on the tiers and mods they both have.

At the moment, for example, a Convoking Wand +2 is on average 4ex. I also looked for a min boot of +100 ES +20 Inc Mov Speed ​​and +1 Raise Specter gem, the price is around 2ex. The rest of the rare Gear you can invest 1 ex in each piece and even buy an end game item. What makes items cheaper compared to many other builds is that we don't need a lot of Res. On the rings you need a minimum of +43 Str on each one. The other mods would be ES and All Elemental Res.

Another item that can be a little expensive would be the Helmet with the enchantment of 40% Inc Damage for Spectres. Still, not necessary, of course if you want to go further, you can also go for minion damage on the Rings and also on the gloves. The difficulty would be to find an Unset Ring with a lot of Str + Minion Damage. Players are buying this way and doing the rest at Harvest. That base type is around 1 ex min price.
lampicka95 wrote:
Hello, really nice build, might try it after the league. Just two things I was thinking about. After changes to spectres, you dont care about area lvl they are from, just level of the gem itself. Secondly, I really love Arc but for applying the EE and curses, some brand skill might be better as it will attach to the enemy. Mean no hate, just some insight :)

Hi. Thank you. About the Spectres mechanics, I did not read the more than 1 year of patch notes that I have not been present and I just learned about that in another forum post few hours ago. But thank you for the warning. I will make the correction in the guide (going to miss old times, where we used to waste hours trying to get them on Shaper's Realm).

About the Brands Skills, I've seen several builds using the skills brands to apply curses and debuffs in the game I took the test in practice and I didn't like it. Now in the second test they seem effective as well. Perhaps even more than Arc, considering that Arc has a limit range to reach the target. I'll play a few days with Storm Brand...

As I said: "Comments and advices are very welcome and very well received". Thank you again.
Love spectres, love auras, just converted my freshly created necro and i'm really enjoying it!
Arctic Armour is not an aura, it is a Self BUFF (like Heralds, except with 0 damage) and cannot affect allies in any way whatsoever. please update post #1.
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bvanharjr wrote:
Arctic Armour is not an aura, it is a Self BUFF (like Heralds, except with 0 damage) and cannot affect allies in any way whatsoever. please update post #1.

Indeed its not an aura. I just didn't mention in the title other way would be to long. But I explain that it's not an aura in the Auras section.

But in a way you are right. After all, when we choose a book to read for example, what calls our attention is usually the title. I'll update. Thank you.
Trying this build, what spectres to take before getting Redemption Sentrys?... And name says "Invisible", what is this?...
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