[3.12] Perforate Champion: 90m+ DPS and 6000+ Life | Boss Destroyer!

Hey mate,

Not sure if you're still keeping track of this build, but it inspired me to do a league start version using some of the new low life mechanics in 3.14. Quick breakdown, for super cheap price you can get around 32m dps and be exceptionally tanky even on lowlife because of certain mods, like unlucky damage from lori's lantern, 40% reduced damage from petrified blood, and almost capped block and spell block chance from daresso's courage. Also, perma onslaught and 100% increased damage from dreadbeak, and perma adrenaline from champ ascendancy make it lightning fast. Also using mortal conviction, perfidy armor,
and inspirational ascendancy for free pride and 2 free banners. Can freely link arrogance to those three for increased aura effect with no downside. Using mortal conviction and blood magic also means yyou dont need to worry about mana cost rings which makes gearing way easier.

Take a look if you have time and feel free to include an of it in your build if you would like to:

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