[3.11] Elemental Hit Ascendant [All Content Viable] Fun and Strong :p

Today i'il introduce you to my first build post in the forum.
I'm from france so i could make Some mistake, sorry and have fun reading my Build

So this build is a Bow based build in Scion ascendant in Slayer and Juggernaut,will be playing with overleech making giving you a lot of hp sustain we also got culling Strike , anti-stun , endurance charges for reduces physical damage , dodge chance . We're gonna used elemental hit in his fire Version which is the best for damage due to the Avatar of fire Node.We're using also point blank meaning that's we're need to be at short distance of boss to get a lot of more Dps. I'il may be adding video if you want them of some gameplay of the build .

Youtube links
Awakener 8 Veratina :


Enslaver elder Guardian (al8):


Sirus Deathlesss Awakener 8


Baran awakener 8


Hunter awakener 8


T16 Map with sextant, Buble mobds ,Beyond


1.Pros And Cons:

--All content viable Build mean :
-t16map with correct clear speed
-all bosses viable (sirus UberE etc..)
-Delve Viable
-Simulacrum wave 20
--Tanky: 7kHp
--GoodDps : awakener boss in 10sec ( awakener 8)
--Pretty easy to stuff at beggining due to some unique pretty cheap in 3.11
--Can be upgraded to got a big damage boost

--Gems Switch or Weapons switch (clear style and boss style)
--using vaal Pact ( can be annoying for some players )( not really a con)
--ele reflect map+leeach map are bad mods for us

2.Build Item Info

This is the bow I Actually run to clearing map and killing bosses he cleary isn't the best for clearing cause of his low attacks speed and only +1 projectiles but really good for bosses with his high critical bases and his level to socketed gems who greatly improve the damage of elemental hit.Even if its not the best for clear speed its still really correct with ony +1 proj anw with the quiver and the flask we're see later . If you want you can use a Chin SOL if you can't afford this kind of Bow whiches better for Bosses, if you want a correct clear bow you can take Quill rain or a thicket bow with +2 projectiles . I perssonally don't use a clearing bow to let some gem Exp behind in my 2nd weapons slots.

Rare Bow mods : Projectiles , +1,+2 lvl gems ,Crit base

No choices , this amulet is the best one for our build because it allocate avatar of fire and make us spare a lots of point of the skill tree.
The amulet also give you hp due to increased Strenght and implicit , and give you more fire damage with is penetration and the cover in Ash

You can allocate Lava Lash for more damages.
If you lack some hp you can allocate Discipline and Training


Now let's talk about the quiver.
We're gonna used a shaped quiver with an additional projetiles if we can we're gonna try to get as much a crit multi and life and.The additional arrow is really usefull on barrage support and because its a crit build we're trying to get a lot of crit multi.
You can take the critical Base or the Piercing base to get more clear-speed, if you want to use a Unique item to begin with , start with a Drillneck

Well pretty simple to understand , we're playing a fire based build , kaom's give a lot of hp and fire damage so that's fine (cheap item) if you want to get it in corrupt look for (damage,max res , %life)


So you really want this ring because you're only playing with Fire damage , but elemental hit generate fire,cold,lightning damage so you don't want to loose all of this cold generated damages so to convert it in fire we use a pyre ring. Combined to the Avatar of fire and the 20% increased elemental modifier ( catalyst quality ) we convert almost 100% of our cold damage(98%) in fire type

For our 2nd Slots ring we might want to get a curse , the best one for our build is assasin's mark for the extra critical chance and damages, you can also look for some hp and resist on the ring , and if you still want to improve it you can look for some elemtal damge/fire damage attack speed or critical ( its as you can get . If you want to used a Unique Ring you can use Call of the Brotherhood to convert lightning damage into cold (who will convert into fire)but its not really worth cause you're gonna loose damage due to our jewels will see later.


just use a classic rare Belt with life and resist , if possible add some elemental damage but its really not mandatory. I advice you to take stygian vise to get a abyss socket


So this is my helmet ( its a bad one ik ), just look for you're enchant and take one with life and res will be fine ( if you can take intelligence on it to unlock some points in the tree) and if you want to upgrade it you can use warlord rare and get the Nearby ennemmies have less fire resist or get Nearby ennemies take increased elemental damage . You can craft addition piercing projetile to get more clear speed.
If you want to use a unique one you can go for a devoto devotion, but a rare will be better.

we're gonna take tombfist Gloves for the two abyssal socket and the intimidation , I didn't really looked at rare gloves for the moment so if you can't afford those glove just buy rare with life,res for the moment until you can change.


Take rare Boots with movement speed,life and res , if you want you can take tailwind for some extra damages


This is an important Section.

So we're using 2 Combat focus to force our skill to only take fire element, we're also using 2 might of the meak to increased Hp giving in the circle near scion starter and also give boost of resist , we're using Lioneye's fall to convert claw modifier into bow modifier in top right of the tree , we're using watcher eye and rare jewel to greatly increased our crit multiplier


So, I use Blood of the Karui but you can use a life flask with staunchin(no-bleed) , use wise oak and dying sun for dps boost , use quicksilver for more ms (could use anti-freeze) , use diamond flask with (anti-curse) for more damage, you can also use cinderswallow with crit instead of wise oak but not worth.

3.Gems And Links

Elemental Hit setup
There a setup for bosses and one for clearing :

Base 5Links: ElementalHit-DamageOnFullLife-ElementalDamageWithAttacks-Combustion-FirePenetration

For Boss add : Barrage Support
For map add : Mirage Archer Support (You can also put GMP Or chain)

Aura Setup :
Anger-Summons Skitterbots-Enlighten-IceGolem

So we're using Skitter bot to shock and chill mobs who really increased elemental Hit due to ailments on mobs , you can replace Ice Golem for a lvl 1 précision if you prefer to not have to summon this ice golem or if you want to get a watcher eye with précision + anger

Utility Setup+Survivability

So in you're other 4Socket item you're not gonna link all gems between them
Blood Rage(alone), i used portal gem to be faster than open my inventory but if you prefer more survivability , you can 3l
Immortal call-CastWhenDamageTaken-(Increased Duration)
otherwise just remove increased duration and put portal.

Movement Setup
2l Tombfist : Dash-SecondWind to get a movement skills

4.Bandits Ascendancy and Pantheon
Bandits : You can save Alira at the beginning but its better to kill them all and get 2 points more in the skill tree.

Pantheon :
Major : Lunaris
Minor : Shakari ( got nerfed ) so you can also take gruthkul(phys reduction)

Ascedancy :
Rush the bottom with slayer until you can allocate point to the starter of duellist, and then get the juggernaut

5.Skill tree

So Leveling in Scion + Ele hit is a really bad combo xD you should just level with another spell like rain of arrow or smth you know, don't start ele hit until you have the 2 Combat focus

7.What's Next
So now you're build should be tanky and got pretty good dps,but i still want to min-max it out so i'il be speaking here about what i've think to be good for upgrading this build

change kaom for an rare armor with critchance+curse+(explode)+power
it give us power generation for bosses with 1 more curse like ele wkeanesss on gloves or flammbility on ring , and it let us using a thicket bow as boss weapons cause you'll still having high crit chance with the crit modifier and thicket got more attacks speed than other bow. we're losing pretty lot of hp , but we can still stay about 6.5k or more , we can also remove some of the might of the meek and get other jew slots and put more crit in it or Attacks speed, i'il probably go for enlighten 4 and then change the golem by precision , the i can't take a watcher eye with precision and anger (2crit modifier ) or 1crit and smth else.

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If you have any question , post it below

Thank you for your build, can you post a video of gameplay and tankyness please
I'il try to record it soon using nvidia or smth similar , Stay tuned

Edit :

Now 2 video are added , i'il add more soon about clearspeed T16 and sirus ,UberElder and if you want specific thing you can still ask me

Edit 2 :

Sirus Deathless added

Edit 3: More Vids added
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Which helm enchant do you feel is the best overall? Damage or attack speed?

Build looks great, thanks!
davidesolo wrote:
Which helm enchant do you feel is the best overall? Damage or attack speed?

Build looks great, thanks!

So , The attacks speed is a bit better ( something about 8% More damage overrall) and feel more cumfortable to play for kitting but if you can get 40% , will be fine :p . bases ilvl 85 are not that cheap if you want an armor version. you can probably take any rare helmet and craft it to be yours and then farm labs with the new offering which give you more enchant tries (7 if I have good memories) :p

I'il update the build soon ,With a new option for More damage but loosing of tankyness

I Actually managed to get almost 7.5k Life with kaoms's .
Hello, could you please post POB for this build?:)
Humm , i'm actually pushing a bit more this build i,'il try to retreive my old item and create a pob from this , will be added when i'm back at my home ( in 4-5day) , be patient .

Thanks :p


fast pob : i'il do a better one in some day


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Your POB doesn't make sense. How do you jump down to Attack Speed and Accuracy without having it linked to any other skills.
What Ascendency points do you take in what order? That is how you jump around with your passives right?

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