An emperor's wings should be vibrant and eye-catching and the new Void Emperor Wings certainly live up to expectations. Check out the video below or get yours here.

Naturally, these wings are a perfect fit with the Void Emperor Armour, Void Emperor Weapon Skin, Void Emperor Portal. Check out this ensemble below!

If you're on the hunt for even more compelling microtransactions, be sure to check out this weekend's sales! Instead of having one long sale, each day will feature an individual theme from our most popular microtransactions starting with all Fiery Microtransactions, then all Glimmerwood Microtransactions, then Celestial and Stygian!

Keep your eye on the sales here. Thank you for your support!
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nice ty!
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The wings remind me of my oil slick hair...

Heeeey. Could we get helmet attachments that are just cool, colorful hairstyles? I pay up to $350 for my real hair. I'd pop down $5 for a matching virtual hairstyle.
Stalker Wings recolor
I need Breachlord Cloak and Essence Wings recolor,plz
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what's the most popular MTX of all time
they dont seem to rly match the void emperor theme at all
Dreggon wrote:
what's the most popular MTX of all time


Spoiler: it's the premium stash tab.
Last edited by hexadecima on Jul 24, 2020, 12:36:12 AM
Looks like the Stalker supporter pack wings (Delve league) reskinned.

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