[3.11] Coc Ice Spear/Creeping Frost Cospri Malice

Hello all, this is my first build guide on a build i've been playing for this league. Haven't really seen a guide for CoC Cospri's, so I thought I'd try putting together my first guide!

Small video I quickly recorded to showcase a t16 map

A8 Baran

I basically haven't played a Cast on Crit character nor have I tried Scion so I went searching on pob ninja to see what some people are playing with this character and saw a couple people playing this build so I thought I'd give it a try. This by no means is originally my build, so thank you to the deep delvers for showing me the way

Path of Building
My current Pob as of 7.21.2020. https://pastebin.com/d0sXtZuA
If that doesn't work just click on the link and copy the raw data into PoB

+ Pros
- A lot of DPS
- Isn't extremely expensive, but it still hurts the wallet
- Great bosser
- Kind of unique in it's style of play
- Incredible Life and mana regen utilizing flasks
- Permanent curse immunity by abusing flasks
- Very Fast
- Stun Immune

+ Cons
- Susceptible to one shots
- Not a cheap starter build
- Requires some specific items to at least get started
- Not the best clear
- Not HC viable

First you have to understand how Cast on Crit works with Dual Cospri's Malice.
With 14% increased cool down reduction you have to attack less than 15.14 Attacks per second with cyclone. I'm at around 14.79 currently. You can get ICDR in 3 different areas for this build: Awakened Cast on Crit, 14% ICDR on a rare belt, or 14% on Boots. I personally chose my belt.
Here is a thread talking about this in depth: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/e5pyr8/the_cyclone_cast_on_critical_strike_cooldown/

You want to get as much crit chances as possible while scaling damage penetration with our ascendacies, flasks and items. We also focus on scaling crit multi with our jewel slots while basically scaling mana recovery w/flasks and abusing our flasks to take advantage of the Indigon helm to scale our DPS as much as possible.

We are a PathQuisitor
+ Pathfinder
- Gives us permanent uptime on flasks, flask recovery, elemental penetration
+ Inquisitor
+ Crit Multi, and a lot of penetration

I basically went Ball lightning until I could equip CM at level 68

Item requirements to get started
Here I'm going to require the must haves and the current costs so that you can get started

Helmet: Indigon ~15c
+ This is best in slot and required to get this build working. This scales our damage and gives us a massive amount of life regen

Weapon: 2 x Cospri's Malice ~2ex.
+ This gives us a good amount of Cold damage, crit chance, attack speed and additional projectiles to proc onslaught and power charges.

Kalisa's Grace: 1 alch(non corrupted), 2 ex with corrupted crit chance
+ This item is required because it has the following line: Gain +2% to Critical Strike Chance for 2 seconds after Spending a total of 800 Mana
+ In our gloves we have the following gems slotted:
- Vortex (This gives us a castable spell without interrupting Cyclone)
- Bone Chill: Increased effect of chill, provides another source of chill
- Archage support: Increased the cost of the spell so that we can start triggering the 2% to crit chance very quickly
- Arcane Surge: Gives us 20% more spell damage

Amulet: The Pandemonius Jade Amulet ~4ex
+ Provide chill on hit, gives us a good amount of cold damage penetration and blinds enemies on hit to give us an extra layer of defense

Essence Worm, Unset Ring ~20c
+ Allows us to have +2 to our Hatred Aura Gem while reserving no mana

Dying Sun, Ruby Flask ~40c
- Provides additional projectiles

Tabula or some other 6 link: 15c

Total Cost to get to Red Maps: 7ex

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Remaining items
Boots - 2ex
+ In the boots slot we want Tailwind, Movement speed and whatever else works for your build. I chose Life and a resistance as well as some pierce. I chose pierce because ice spears do no pierce until it's second form.

Other Ring - Cost me 1ex and then crafted my own things
+ Fill this in with whatever works for your build, personally went with Assassin Mark on hit, some accuracy and life gain on hit. The only thing I'd say is required is the Assassin Mark on Hit, the rest is up to you

Belt - Rare Stygian vise. I crafted my own (this is harvest after all)
+ I got ICDR here, life a couple of resists and increased flask effect on you. Since flasks are EVERYTHING in this build, that's why i chose that crafting bench option

Body Armor - Lionseye vision
+ Gives us level 15 pierce, essentially our 7th link, some life
+ Pierce is great here for our ice spears, we want our ice spears to pierce for the best clear as possible

Flasks - 9ex overall
+ Bottled Faith, not a requirement but as soon as you can afford one, get it. it gives us a good amount of base crit chance, damage pen and a HUGE area of concecrated ground. This is almost a requirement
+ Enduring Divine Flask, 20c - This is a REQUIREMENT and the life of this build. You want a divine flask because it gives us the highest mana recovery
+ Quick Silver flasks with Stun Immunity - This gives us the speed we need as well as 50% to stun immunity. The rest of the stun immunity we fill out with implicit crafts via Harvest
+ The remaining flask is your call. I chose the diamond flask to pretty much guarantee that I crit, but it's your call

+ You want to fill out your resists get as much crit multi as possible and use this to get your attack speed to just under the 15.14 breakpoint for maximum dps. You can also use this for getting some life too, this all honestly depends on your budget.

Cluster jewels
+ Large Jewel: Blanketed Snow and Vengeful Commander
+ 3 Medium Jewels: One for some crit chance, two others are flask related flasks to increase our mana recovery as well as Spike Concoction to increase our flask effect, get attack speed and increase our flask recovery rate. This makes our stun immunity easier to get instead of crafting more implicits on jewels which can get costly.

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Weapon 1:
Frostbite - Additional cold pen
Ice Spear - Additional projectile and also used to get our power charges
Power Charge on Crit - Self explanatory

Weapon 2:
Onslaught - Givues us attack and move speed
Frostbomb - Cold exposure
Freezing pulse - Freezes our enemies, triggers onslaught

Increased Duration
Vaal Righteous Fire - You can actually run righteous fire full time with this, which gives you a whopping 39% more damage to spells. Just make sure your mana flask stays running and you'll get the extra damage from righteous fire. You can then use that and the vaal version for destroying bosses.
Vaal Grace - Gives us additional dodge chance for hits and spells
Arcane Cloak - Some additional defenses but more importantly triggers Kalisa's Grace and Indigon when we need it ( New zones to fight bosses, waiting between boss stages)

Body Armor:
Ice Speace > Creeping Frost > Hypothermia > Cast on Crit > Inspiration > Cyclone

- Vortex > BoneChill > Archmage > Arcane Surge

- Leap Slam > Precision > Fortify > Faster Attacks
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What pantheon did you choose?
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Soul of Lunaris/Gruthkul
Can confirm this build is pretty powerful :) damage is very good, dps is pretty hard to calculate
Yep it's awesome, my Profile has some more updates since the last couple of posts.

Added in a second large cluster jewel, upgraded some existing jewels. Some items has been upgraded

Can do 100% delerious maps pretty easily with this. The hardest part is the lag
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How to sustain HP?
100% uptime on enduring mana flask with indigon and flask nodes. Shouldn't really get hit all that often and when you do MoM should eat up a decent chunk of it. And using arcane cloak at good times makes a big difference.

I also use leech enchant on boots, just the cruel lab version has proved to be more than enough!
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Played somewhat whole Harvest league this buildi(with exception of first week) and can confirm this is really great CoC build. I managed easily to do all content including deathless a8 Sirus and Uber elder. Only thing I didn't so much like in this buildi were some really random deaths that occured every once in a while and thats why If u hopin to get lvl 100, this aint The build. Good that you made guide of this build!

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