Developer Interview - Eben - Video Content

he knows where Georgia is lol.greetings from Georgia exiles.
POE2 ofc
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Nice interview
Bad Seed
Really liking story-only “cinematic” trailer for the major expansions, it really sets the tone for something epic, more than your "regular" league trailer ever could. Conqueror's of the Atlas trailer does lean in this direction, but Fall of Oriath takes the cake.
...reading The Name of the Wind....
Awesome book and it is a trilogy too!

Great work with the trailers!
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Congratulations Eben, great work with the trailers. Top notch interview with Kamil too - Kamil's laugh at the end is infectious no matter how many times I watch it.
auc_martin wrote:
Eben.. son of..? I love ur trailers btw.

(anyone get that 13th warrior ref?)

Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever!
Total Biscuit was also my introduction to the game. Played it as soon as I could in open beta.
I miss Total Biscuit so much. I've never been so affected by a death of a person that I didn't even know in real life, as I was with TotalBiscuit, even though I didn't know him, he was a big part of my life. Fuck cancer
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