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Ty for the quick and detail response 7alien! I will stick with this build :)
How does this build hold up in 3.13? if any difference at all.
Also I'm looking for a build to clear t17 full deli maps, can this build do it with the eternity shroud setup or would I need mirror tier weapons (crit multi, 2 gain elemental damage, gain chaos damage). I'm building in standard.
Sorry had to make another reply, not sure how to edit my last reply.
The weapon with +1 level of lightning gem is quite expensive in market so I'm going to craft myself. What would be the best way using fossil, im trying aetheric, scorched, and faceted. Are there better method? Thanks.
also struggeling with the weapons here, i dont even find good scepters on the market, how do i craft them? tried 50 deafening of torment (flat lightning), didnt throw up any with + to level

Edit: proceeded to throw fossils at the scepters (metallic, shuddering and aetheric) ended up with a decent one
i will now try to improve it with harvest crafts, removing fire adding lightning and so on

another possible fossilsetup would be aetheric, shuddering, frigid, scorched. that would exclude added fire and cold damages but also exclude +to all spells, leaving only +to lightning
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Hi Remi,

I need your help please. I have this Sceptre and I'm wondering If this is any useful for thi build. I can double aug phys for both the suffix conversions.

Or any other ideas?

Is there even a benefit to convert phys to fire 100% if you already converted 100% phys to lightning?

Thanks sir.

@sioq if you wanna chat
Running the build currently and just had a couple of questions. I just got my full shaper set and am not noticing a difference. Is it better to run COTB, before you get the shaper version or run 2 shaper rings with your full set?

It's very hard to tell what kind of damage I'm putting out. Can you get any kind of indication off tooltip? The damage I get off on mobs is incredible, but my single target seems to be lacking?

Thank you for the build, having a blast.
Love the build, thanks.

A burning question I've had is if this build would be viable as an elementalist after the golem changes. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the matter.
I finally started playing a very similar version of this build (it has just a few crit nodes here and there on the tree and on the gear) and it's quite impressive.
Most bosses got one shotted and the clear it's amazing.

So I'm not having any issue with it but I'd like to know better so I've tried using the Pb calculator posted by Remi but it seems I can't make the brand activation frequency Step (the one that says: put me first 3 row numbers...) working properly..

My Cast Time 0.23s
My Hit Rate 10.76
My Duration 1.27s

Anyone can try them in the calculator or can (patiently) explain me how to do that?
Thank u!

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