[3.14][Nerfed] Blade Blaster Assassin | 10m Sirus DPS | Zoom Zoom | Tanky | Deathless Sirus

3.14 Changes READ ME
Blade Blast got nerfed pretty hard, we'll lose ~25% overall DPS and the nerf of Harvest crafting hurt doubly. The build is still decent, but is no longer the mega DPS build it used to be. I can't really recommend it to league start, but the build should be o.k. if you've got good gear. If you've got good gear and like the playstyle, the build should be fine at high gear levels, otherwise look elsewhere. I probably won't be updating the guide any further, but I will continue to answer questions.

3.13 Changes
TL;DR - Slight nerfs, but with the return of Harvest we are probably stronger than in 3.12.

The build lost a bit of movement speed and cast speed from the nerfs to Assassin. However, now that Harvest crafting has returned, I would say the build is stronger than it was in 3.12. We use exclusively rares so Harvest crafting is extremely strong for a build like this.

Overall this build will be a bit worse as a league starter, although it will still be very good and top tier. It will be stronger in the endgame with better access to good gear.

3.12 Changes and league start
TL;DR - Slight nerfs, but the build is still very strong!

This build received some slight nerfs due to some nodes in the Assassin Ascendancy having their Crit chance and Multi reduced. This results in around a ~5% damage loss at most. This is negligible, as damage was never an issue with the build. It's still as strong as it was before.

Divine Flesh did get nerfed, which coupled with the loss of Harvest crafting means it probably won't be worth to run anymore. This does hurt our defenses a bit, but the build should still be plenty tanky, even with it. For those still looking to run Divine Flesh, getting Cluster Jewel's with maximum Chaos resistance will be an option worth looking into.

Since I've chosen to league start with this build, I will update the levelling section with some more details on how to level without twink gear, in a fresh league.

League start update: The build was a breeze as a league start. Once swapping to Bladeblast at level 28, levelling is a joke as you one shot most packs and shred bosses. Mapping is also a breeze, most map bosses were getting one shot through yellow maps. I've decided to reroll as I just played this build last league and I'm looking for a change of pace, but I think it's safe to say that it's a solid league starter.


This is a written guide based on the Blade Blast Assassin that was popularized by Ahhcrying who hit level 100 with it in Harvest HCSSF.

I've adjusted the build for SC trade, opting for more damage/clearspeed. The build still ends up being absurdly tanky with enough damage to decimate end game bosses and clear maps extremely quickly. I've spent around 40 ex on this build, ~25 of that has been from Bottled Faith, the chest piece and Awakened gem. This build can do all content on less than 3 ex, in SSF.

Pros and Cons

- Tanky; 7k+ HP, lots of dodge/evasion and can fit in Divine Flesh
- Excellent single target
- Excellent map clear
- Satisfying phys explosion chains
- Can start cheap and scale with currency
- Almost all of the gear can be deterministically crafted with Harvest
- League start viable, was one of the first builds to reach level 100 HCSFF in Harvest league

- Two-button playstyle
- Levelling is a little awkward until you can use Bladeblast
- Min/maxing is expensive
- Cannot run phys reflect or slower recovery maps
- Can be hard to see mechanics due to BB spam

tl;dr Path of Building

Use the community fork: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases

~40 ex PoB, my character from Harvest league: https://pastebin.com/2z8QFifS

100c mega-budget PoB: https://pastebin.com/guQjGMtE

Divine Flesh is completely optional.


3.11 deathless A8 Sirus

3.11 T16 Map Demo 1

3.11 T16 Map Demo 2

3.11 A8 Baran

3.11 T15 Eradicator

3.11 A8 Drox

Guardians and Sirus from user Rahlien:
Rahlien wrote:


It's about 10 min, didn't edit it. I must say i thought Zombiemancer was amazing, no comparison to this build lol.

Core Mechanics

Bladefall leaves a number of lingering blades in the ground. Blade Blast detonates these blades dealing lots of damage. We support Bladefall with Unleash + Spell Cascade to generate a large number of blades (up to 40 with a single cast). Bladefall is not used for damage at all. Then scale Blade Blast's AoE so that it overlaps as much as possible. We scale large amounts of crit and cast speed to supplement this large base damage and smooth out the mapping experience.

We have lots of damage avoidance from Elusive, Blind and Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics. Additionally, Divine Flesh gives us an enormous amount of elemental and chaos damage reduction. We can also run Forbidden Taste so our life recovery is instant. We are vulnerable to physical damage, so the Endurance Charge annoint helps us a bit there.


There are no required uniques used in this build. If you're going Divine Flesh, look to get Chaos Resistance on your gear. Harvest makes this very easy as many pieces of gear can deterministically hit chaos res with Chaos Aug crafts. Use poedb.tw to see what mods you can roll. You do not need to have gear that is exactly like mine. These are just guidelines to follow.

This gear is not fully min-maxed. This is merely a jumping off point. Use PoB and poedb.tw to see what mods you can squeeze in to further min-max your character.

Look for a wand with some combination of:
- Cast Speed
- +1 to level of Physical Spell Gems/All Spell Gems
- Spell Damage
- Crit Multi
- Crit Chance for Spells

You can choose to go a staff instead, but I don't think its worth. You will gain more damage, but lose a lot of mobility and defense when dropping the shield. If you choose to go staff, look for similar mods as above as well as influced mods such as Socketed Skills Deal 20% more Spell Damage or are supported by Power Charge on Crit.

You can choose to dual wield wands, but I strongly recommend a shield. Refer to the Crafting section below for a guide on how to easily craft your own. Look for a shield with some combination of:
- +1 to level of Physical Spell Gems
- Spell Damage
- Critical Strike Chance to Spells
- Cast Speed
- Life
- Maximum Chaos Res/Maximum All Res if going Divine Flesh

Crown of the Inward Eye is a good budget option. A Redeemer helm with +1 to number of Unleash Seals is for Bladefall. Refer to the Crafting section below for a guide on how to easily craft your own. Otherwise look for:
- Life
- Res/Chaos Res
- Physical Damage Taken as X Elemental Damage

There aren't any helm enchants that are amazing for us. The best helm enchant are any 15%/30% reduced mana reserved for our Auras. This, combine with an Enlighten 4 can allow you to run a War Banner for a small damage increase. Otherwise Blade Blast AoE is good, and Blade Blast damage is a bit worse than AoE.

Body Armour
A Crusader Chest with Enemies Explode when Killed is ideal for clear speed, but not necessary at all - clear is still very good without it. Getting the Frenzy Charge Redeemer mod is nice for extra DPS as well. If you're having trouble with sustaining Mana/ES via Eldritch Battery, craft gain % of Life as Extra ES. Budget Unique Options:
- Loreweave (doesn't work well with Divine Flesh)
- Tabula
- Sporeguard
or a rare with:
- Life
- Res/Chaos Res
- Spell crit
- Craft Spell Dodge

Gloves with "Socketed Gems are Supported by Faster Casting" are very nice, saving us a link in our Bladefall. Look for:
- Life
- Res/Chaos Res
- Craft Damage while Leeching

Tailwind boots are very nice, but not needed. Otherwise look for:
- Life
- Movement Speed
- Spell Dodge
- Res/Chaos res

The Elder/Hunter mod % of Physical Damage leeched as life (note that % of Physical ATTACK damage will NOT work) is the most important mod here. It's not mandatory, but its the easiest way for us to gain leech. Otherwise look for:
- +1 to level of Dexterity/Physical Skill Gems
- Crit Multi
- Life
- Res/Chaos res
- Strength

Amulet Anoint
Use PoB to find what node will give you the largest DPS increase, it will vary based on your gear setup. If you want a defensive anoint instead, here are a couple good options:
- Disciple of the Unyielding
- Soul of Steel
- Crystal Skin
- Method to the Madness (Divine Flesh builds only)

A ring with Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on hit is ideal here. You can choose to get physical damage leech here from the Delve modifier instead of getting it on an amulet. Otherwise look for:
- Life
- Res/Chaos res
- Strength
- Cast speed
- Spell Damage
- Life gained for each enemy hit by your spells
- Craft minimum endurance charges

A Stygian Vise is ideal, but Soul Tether is a good budget option if you want access to overleech. Otherwise look for:
- Life
- Res/Chaos res


You'll need to make sure you can get Heat, Warding and Staunching covered on your suffixes.
- If you're using Divine Flesh, use Forbidden Taste, otherwise a Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching
- Quicksilver
- Quartz Flask
- Diamond Flask
- Sulphur Flask/Bottled Faith if you're rich

You'll need a Glorious Vanity with the modifier "Bathed in the blood of (100-8000) sacrificed in the name of Xibaqua" if you want to run Divine Flesh. For rare jewels look for:
- Life
- Spell Damage
- Spell Damage while holding a shield
- Physical Damage
- Area Damage
- Cast Speed
- Cast Speed while Holding a Shield
- Crit Multi
- Crit Multi with spells

Gem Links


Blade Blast
You can use Intensify instead of Awakened Increased Area of Effect

Support Gem priority order: Energy Leech > Intensify/Awakened Inc. AoE > Brutality > Controlled Destruction > Empower

Unleash and Spell Cascade are mandatory. If you are having mana issues, use Blood Magic as your 4th link. Otherwise use Concentrated Effect. Keep Spell Cascade at a low level, we want our Bladefall as concentrated as possible.




Levelling, Pantheons and Bandits

Here is a PoB with levelling and endgame trees, look at the Notes section for more info: https://pastebin.com/Hu57xZLh

For Ascendancy order, go Mistwalker -> Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion -> Opportunistic

Kill all Bandits.

Level with Orb of Storms/Stormblast Mine until 16. Grab a Blade Blast at 16. We won't be using it quite yet, but you'll want to be levelling it up in preparation for the swap later on. Use Wave of Conviction/Orb of Storms with a Herald of Thunder until 28.

At 28 you can begin using Bladeblast + Bladefall through the entire levelling process into endgame. Here is a rough guide on what supports to use while you level from 28 onwards:

For Blade Blast, start with, in order of importance, Onslaught, Controlled Destruction, Added Fire Damage, Faster Casting, Increased Critical Strike Chance, Increased Critical Strike Damage. As you progress through the campaign, swap in Brutality, Increased Area of Effect, Energy Leech (once you swap to EB) as you unlock them.

For Bladefall, start with, in order of importance, Spell Cascade, Faster Casting, Concentrated Effect. The only change you'll need to make to these links is at 38 when you'll want to put Unleash in. Unleash is a massive DPS increase, do not skip out on it.

For auras, I recommend running Herald of Ash and Flesh and Stone. Once you swap in Brutality in your Blade Blast, drop the Herald of Ash for Herald of Purity.

Once you complete the campaign, refer to the above Gem Links section for the endgame gem setup.

If you are running Divine Flesh, run Soul of Shakari. Otherwise, Pantheons are personal preference and should be swapped based on the content you are doing. I like Soul of Solaris usually, but Lunaris is also good.


I keep running out of mana - what should I do?
You will have issues sustaining mana/ES until you get ~750 ES. Look for ES bases and use the chest craft gain % of maximum life as Extra ES to help you hit this total. Supporting Blade fall and your mobility skills with Blood Magic can help alleviate this problem until you get enough ES. If you are still having issues, unreserving an aura and using a mana flask is a viable temporary option.

League Start
I league started this build in Heist league, and it went quite well! The levelling was a tad slow until 28 when you can swap to Blade Blast, but after that it was an absolute breeze, even without twink gear. The build handled low tier mapping easily, with great clera and single target. I ended up rerolling before I could take the build further as I got a bit bored of it (I had just played it in the last league, and was itching to try something new). Other people have taken the build further however, and its proven to be a solid league starter.

Gearing without Harvest crafting
This build was first conceived during Harvest league, when it was very easy to access excellent gear. Although we won't have access to Harvest in the near future, this build will still hold up. The main loss will be the difficulty in getting Divine Flesh setup properly. Other than that, it shouldn't be difficult to get gear that is similar to the pieces listed above.

I feel squishy - what should I do?
This build relies on a combination of dodge and heavy elemental and chaos mitigation to become tanky. However, the best defense is a good offense - this build has enough damage to one shot entire screens of enemies at high-level content. If you're feeling squishy, I'd recommend making sure you have enough damage for the content you're doing.

If you're feeling squishy, here are the various defensive layers this build has access to. Try and pick up as many of these options as possible and tailor them to your build as you see fit:
- 6.5k+ life
- Divine Flesh with 82% maximum chaos resistance
- Fortify uptime with Shield Charge
- Blind from Flesh and Stone
- Leech
- Endurance Charge generation from Disciple of the Unyielding anoint.
- CWDT - Immortal Call
- Vaal Grace
- Defensive flasks
- Playstyle changes: this build has a fair bit of delay in getting its damage off. You can't jump into packs and then start casting, you need to be casting at the edges of your screen to off-screen enemies before they get a chance to hit you. This build isn't as braindead to pilot as other PoE builds, so if you find yourself dying because you're jumping into enemies, try to play a bit more cautious.


I will not be explaining basic crafting/Harvest-crafting mechanics. Only try crafting gear if you understand how Harvest crafting works. Almost all of the gear we use can be purchased of trade. I'm not a Harvest crafting expert, these are just the methods I used. If you know of a better method or see something incorrect, please let me know.

Unleash Helmet
With the changes to the Unleash mod, I think the best way to craft this is to buy a helmet that already has the mod on, and then Harvest craft it until it is good. E.g. augment life, then remove/add life until good life, then do the same for resistances.

I didn't craft my own wand so I don't feel comfortable going into how to craft one. I wouldn't recommend crafting one as it can be very expensive for little benefit. For those that want to, I'd recommend starting with a Fractured +1 to all Spells base and going from there.

Max Res and Crit Shield

1. Buy an iLvl 85+ Shaper ES base shield.
2. Alt spam until you see +2% to all maximum resistances by itself or with a Harvest removable mod.
3. Regal.
4. If you regaled a non-Harvest removable mod, yolo annul to try and remove it. If you fail, go to step 2.
5. Remove any other prefixes.
6. Get the shield to have two Harvest removable suffixes: augment fire/cold/lightning until you get two Harvest removable suffixes. If you hit % increased X element damage, that's fine, we'll remove it later.
7. If you hit % increased X element damage in the previous step, remove it using the Harvest remove Caster modifier craft.
8. Craft any non-defense based suffix.
9. Use Harvest craft Augment Defense.
10.Your shield should now have Defense/Max-Res/Two removable suffixes/crafted suffix.
11. Craft mana.
12. Use Harvest craft Augment caster.
13. Perform Add/Remove Caster until you get a good tier of Crit to spells.
14. Remove crafted mana.
15. Use Harvest craft remove Defense.
16. Craft gain % of physical as extra chaos.
17. Use Harvest craft augment Physical.
18. Remove the crafted "gain % of physical as extra chaos" mod.
19. If you hit +1 to all Physical Spell Skill gems go to step 22.
20. Use Harvest craft remove physical.
21. Repeat from step 16.
22. Use Harvest craft augment Life.
23. Perform Add/Remove life until you get a good tier of life.
24. Use Harvest add/remove X element to fill out your resists.

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What do you replace with faster casting in gloves?
Maloony wrote:
What do you replace with faster casting in gloves?

You'll replace Blood Magic. It makes mana a little tight at times, so getting a Faster Casting gloves should be high priority.
I've never used this skill setup before, do you have to press 2 buttons then similar to mines, Bladefall then detonate or do they just detonate when you use Bladefall?
Boltonsquads wrote:
I've never used this skill setup before, do you have to press 2 buttons then similar to mines, Bladefall then detonate or do they just detonate when you use Bladefall?

It's similar to mines. You press Bladefall then Bladeblast right after and it'll chain detonate all the blades.
Hi my friend.

Im playing this build. I like so much your videos. I have a Question.

Why Do you play with Herald of Purity? Why not another herald or golem?

Thans for your reply ^_^
Haven't looked too much at the build, but if you do pick up runebinder you can use spell cascade, arcanist brand with faster casting to proc a shittonne of blades from the bladefall with very little mana cost.

What is that 3.11 multiplier in life?

JohnyRisu wrote:
Hi my friend.

Im playing this build. I like so much your videos. I have a Question.

Why Do you play with Herald of Purity? Why not another herald or golem?

Thans for your reply ^_^

Since we use Brutality, we scale pure physical damage - Herald of Purity ends up being the most damage for us.

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