Dreadspire Weapon Skin and Weapon Effect

again another tiny 2-hander

weapon effect is cool tho
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sad $ face
Wish we could get some more of these weapons that either incorporate bow with the MTX or having a seperate bow MTX.
Does the weapon effect apply to both weapons while dual wielding like supporter pack effects do (which means the technology is there) or do we still need to buy twice if we want to dual wield? Btw, the weapon mtx should also apply to both while dual wielding. Specialy for these prices
Is this possibly a reference to Dreadspire Keep, one of the most excellent raid zones in an MMO ever, and home to the best drum solo in an MMO ever?
Good looking!
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So this is why we can't disable bloom

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Can we please get the option do disable post-processing effects?
Bloom is the biggest offender.

New mtxs are cool and stuff, but I don't see myself buying anything before you fix the game back to the point where I can enjoy the game's visuals.

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