[3.11] Penance Brand Elementalist | Up to A8 cleared | Huge explosions+Fast Clear | 6M DMG explosion

Pussygaffe wrote:
how about divine ire?

Drop brand nodes, focus more on crit nodes, probably would work due to the nature of the skill
My Builds/Stream

Working on a 3.13 version of this build. The new Elementalist buffs seem solid and I'm having fun leveling. Will report when I swap over to LL once I get my shav's.
Okay, so 3.13 changes to note:

Elementalist Rework

The Bad:

1. We lose herald effect and decreased herald mana reservation. This is the big one. This means we need to drop one of our 5 non-herald auras. Sand stance is too important and cheap. Hatred is too much damage to give up. Wrath gives us access to conversion via Watcher's. This leaves Zealotry and Discipline. Currently, I'm having a tough time in t15/16 maps running Zealotry due to dying (I'm just short of 4k ES), but I still have levels to grab that may mitigate that and I just got my cinderswallow. My suspicion is that it won't be enough though, and the ~20% damage decrease won't hurt that badly considering how fast I'm destroying content at the moment even with relatively shitty gear.

2. We lose easy access to all ailments via Shaper of Desolation. I don't think this is a big deal as our rings already ensure that we're getting shock when we chill. PoB gives a relatively low chance to ignite, will require more testing to see it it's worth it. This decreases the value of Sadist significantly, but I'm not sure there's a better option.

3. We lose some damage from no Beacon of Ruin.

The Good:

1. We can run some golems now! I dropped Brand Recall, Smoke Mine, and Culling Strike for Fire, Lightning, and Chaos golems. This gives us elemental immunity, 10% phys damage reduction, some cast speed and overall damage, and even more of all those with alt quality golems. I just keep the summons on my hotswap weapons bar, it works fine.

2. Heart of destruction is a big damage boost and Mastermind of Discord is amazing as long as you grab Heraldry on a cluster jewel.

Unless I'm very much mistaken, we shouldn't lose much damage from this, though we give up a bit of utility in exchange for slightly better defenses and elemental ailment immunity (unless I'm misunderstanding the golem nodes, but I don't think I am because I haven't been frozen yet).

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