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There we go again but this time 2 handerino :)
Just started this today, hoping it's a fun one
@UCMoose let me know how it goes :)
I also want to try this build. I play with bleed bow gladiator but don't really feel the power with it, especially with single dmg.

Is starforge mandatorry for this build? Or we can try something with more physical dps alternative.

I have ~20 ex to spend and looking for some improvements for this build
@slomkacz i still think there can be better weapons / rare crit multi implicted high phys 2hander, also +1 impale watcher's, (+1 curse chest or annoint) and vulne gloves + assasin mark ring. theres lots of place for improvement. cyclone damage / attackspeed enchant or bloodrage attackspeed.
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As you've switched for another character, will there be updates for the build? How was it doing so far?

I'm really enjoying it atm! Thank you for putting it up.
Heya! im looking around for a cyclone build since i want to try it (i only used the clunky ish version before) and the video's look great of it, im curious if this build is still up to date? since i put your character in the PoB but there are jewel slots without jewels, no gear, and no numbers to see hp armor etc

Hi i play this build since yesterday. You can check my pob:


I defenitly enjoy of this playstyle so i will try to improve it in future.
Actually I'm thinking about:
- tailwind and onslaught boots
- investing in thread of hope and annoint +1 min endurance and frenzy charges becouse i'm lazy and always forget about clicking in blood rage and enduring cry
- 6 link ancestral warchef
- more cluster jewels.

But in this moment i can clear t16 easly.
importing your account trough POB just shows skills and items as empty?

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