[3.11] Gladiator Masochist - Active Guarding, Bleed, Dual-Curse, Full Counterattack Build

This is the strongest counter attack focused build, bc of using compounding armor buffs, bleed for bloodlust nukes, and the most vicious dual-curse synergy in the game. This might be one of the strongest noob, starter, accessibility friendly builds available in the game.

It's gameplay revolves around active tanking and counter attacks using the 200% dmg bonus on Painforged in Gladiator Ascendancy. The big things to do is stack block chance and armor while also grabbing bleed and axe damage. You have several options for your primary attack and that is up to the user. I use Vaal Double Strike, which has been far better than Bladestrom, and laugh at all bosses.

Dual Cursing Punishment and Vengeance put this build over the roof, bc of the massive armor debuff Punsihment puts on enemies combined with the huge buff it gives you along with further and seperate Vengeance debuff. Together they lower the enemy armor, they take more physical, and you do more physical damage... and you deal absolute phys nukes.

Again, your primary attack is not much of an importance just make sure it can get some people bleeding and is at least good on a single target.

Gameplay - Run into packs, preferably with Molten Shell active. Molten Shell is better than Steel Skin for this build bc its longer duration means the Adamant buff is active on you longer. Steelskin as a shorter cd for emergencies. Facetank bosses with Vaal Molten Shell and Vaal Double Strike. Your weakness is ground based DoT pools so dont stand in those when facetanking and you are good. It is hilarious at times a ton of fun clearing maps doing nothing but walking into enemies.

The worse the situation, the better the results.

Notable Keystones
1. Adamant - massive buffed when guard skill active
2. Inexorable - massive buff when standing still + endurance charges
3. Iron Reflexes - make sure they hit you a lot
4. Command of Steel (anoint)

5. Painforged (Gladiator Ascendancy)

Gem Setups - Counter Attacks

Gem Setups - Active Tanking

Important and Cheap AF Essential Gear

Thxs @Speektre
Path of Building Code (gear is not max/min)

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Very interesting. Any leveling guide? How is it for clearing maps? Thanks
It is amazing in maps.

Leveling is up to the player, stick with any physical attack that isn't a pain in the ass. I leveled mostly with Ground Slam, then Blade Storm. Now I use Vaal Double Strike, Counterattacks, and Guard setup make all bosses free. Your primary attack become secondary and is mainly for bosses

Not going to lie with the dual curse, you can simply walk/dash/jump from pack to pack without attacking to clear map and use Guards when needed. Even in the 70s you Phys dmg reduction should be above 70%.
Surfinn wrote:
Very interesting. Any leveling guide? How is it for clearing maps? Thanks

Also check out the Path of Building code if it works to see how to level starting out.
The PoB link needs to be an actual link not the code inside(example https://pastebin.com/xxxxx). Hopefully, you can get that fixed I'm curious about this build.
https://pastebin.com/8t1j8U9G i just copied the string into pastebin. Hope OP can fix anything that's wrong if there is.
Thank you didn't even think to try anything like that.
I was looking at the pob tho and saw there's only about 4.2k life at endgame. Is it enough to not get 1shot?
Speektre wrote:
https://pastebin.com/8t1j8U9G i just copied the string into pastebin. Hope OP can fix anything that's wrong if there is.

Thanks I will fix it, should I use your link.
The gear is not min/maxed, but the phys damage reduction is maxed, their is leveling that can be done, and gear to be bought that can easily get it towards 6k. In game right now im lvl 87 w/ 5k spending close to nothing and only boss that stands a chance is the Plaza/Orchard one.

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