What means RNG?!

"RNG blabla RNG is RNG blabla more RNG for you blabla in races RNG awesome "

WTF IS RNG?!?!?!
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Random Nummer Generator

Google is your friend
'Random Number Generator'

It is a phrase people use to describe random things in games like this.

An example is when you use a chaos orb on an item you get a set of random stats.
Those stats are determined by a 'Random Number Generator'.
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Pd. tyvm means very thanksfull!
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It's "Random Number Gods"
Heretics on this board, I tell ya what.
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It is the core of the game .
Youtube brought me here.
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Milchut wrote:
It's "Random Number Gods"
Heretics on this board, I tell ya what.

Amen brother. Nail those heretics on dried lake's entrance!

The pious offers them items or uniques before they 6 link their items.
Or visits them before their map runs to give them better loot.
There are different gods in Wreaclast you can pray and pay homage to.
These are the two I know - Kuduku, the False God and Lady Dialla's boobs.
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RNGesus will provide if you are worthy enough!
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