New Celestial Skill Effects - Molten Strike, Tectonic Slam and Ice Nova

Any advice on how to get the game to run that smooth? ;)
Shohpaen wrote:
Can we get a scourge arrow mtx somewhere? :)

Each projectile has a little pennant flying behind it that reads "Don't play this, it's bad" or "This isn't Toxic Rain, 4head"
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Celestial Earthquake please
ive never bought an MTX that wasnt a stash.....

Now I gotta buy two... because holy hell are ice nova and MS amazing.....
Since my pre post was deleted for questionable reason I will write it in a "more potable way" for those who are not endowed with a good interpretation: MTX like these harm me in the cornea playing in a party. Have you ever tried partying with these active MTX? NO ? You should try before deleting important suggestions from users like these.
♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
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Ryphe wrote:


Also.. Memory Nexus hideout, anyone?
stfu and take my money
ty for more celestial effects, they are my fav. i love the ice nova and tec slam on these, the molten is cool but not my fav

plz celestial flameblast, with the expanding circle filled with the MTX style, that would fulfill my wildest dreams.

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