3.11.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

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Failed to connect to Instance, over and over again. Changin server doesn't help, neither did the patches. Had the issue before 3.11 went live... Can't do lab and trial because it disconnects me all the time...
3 fixes on not even 24h ....

That shows how focused you were on rotting the gameplay with nerf and nerf and nerf end nerf and nerf again rather than making sure the game works properly ...

I suggest a new name instead of GGG => NBR

Can't get past mud flats in second act. Failed to connect to instance. Restarted game and computer. Tried vulcan and dx11, changing servers. All drivers are up to date.
Come on. Again you didnt test anything before release...

They can't test bugs that are on the live servers.... before the patch hits live.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

Now GGG if you guys could look into the invisible mobs issue that would be great.
bvanharjr wrote:

They can't test bugs that are on the live servers.... before the patch hits live.

Yes, you can test game on servers. Or do you think that developers release the game in hope it will work.

Plus, most of the bugs i experience don't have anything to do with servers.

They should have delayed the launch, as cyberpunk is delayed. If they don't know how to solve problems at they own, maybe they should hire someone that know what they are doing.

PS: on top of that there is tournament to win the laptop, and a lot of people cant compete because of they mistake. Someone could say that the tournament is rigged and report them, especially if you see that all big streamers playing the game normally.
i am stuck at act 8 i cannot go to lunaris level 2 i am gonna try to reinstall if i still not able to progress i am not sure what to do anymore.....
While I appreciate GGG's hard work (as evidenced by my monetary support) it would be nice if GGG would release content when it is actually ready.
@Chris Go look at the tech forums... The game will not even load for so many of people now.

Great Patch~!

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