Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

Pooggerr for every thing!
mm yes yes straight forward and easy
que quilombo la chacon de tu drema, no se si jugar la liga o recibirme en astrofisica
Looking at how good these additions are, people would still cry about how GGG nerfed their favorite build. [Removed by Support]
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crafting is boring, crafting leagues are even more boring. I'll play the league but skip harvest content until it's inevitable, as I did in synthesis.

hopefully bow builds and ED builds will be viable because melee seems unplayable. used to start every league with a melee character, a change once in a while is good I guess.
superbomb1967 wrote:
geesus christ. another league where you need an offline guide to participate. can you guys just balance skills and make something fun without adding 5785663 new currency items and recipes for the top 1% to craft.

joly shit quit outthinking yourselves.

make gameplay fun with decent drops - not all this bullshit currency trading league shit

Then you're in the wrong game. You should go play Diablo or something, at least they have the same items over and over again.
This is the best season ever! POG
Those crafts! I love love love it! Sure maybe "farming" isn't the coolest way to get these things, but way to go GGG. I for one and excited for this season!
Please, PLEASE tell me there will be a, "You must construct additional pylons!" audio clip!

I am confused.

Guess I'm too old to deal with it. Anyway looks cool and I will try it.

Hopefully ZiggyD will release that video explaining the video mechanic few days later into the league.

ps: GGG, you could explain league mechanics in videos/youtube and not here. We would love it.
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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could have been plant seed, it grows into a monster, kill monster get loot.

Nope, instead we get....

Place dispenser next to condenser but only if 5 seeds are planted around the dispenser except you can use 3 seeds if they are the same type. Next, you must have a sprinkler connected to the dispenser unless you are using tier 3 seeds in which case you need 2 condensers connected...... head explodes reading...

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