3.11 - Stress-Free PoE! RF HAPPY: No Required Items! 1-Button Play! SSF League Start-End!


If you're bored with the league or looking to extend it somehow, I've posted 3 (4) extra builds. They aren't guides, so there aren't any explanations, they're just builds. But they are ideas that I've been dying to try in-game to see how they work. On paper, they seem legit. They are all designed to be very tanky.

Oh I missed this post and made my Chieftain according to the old guide with slight modifications :D
My next shot will be definitely gladiator (played your Trigger Happy on the console in the past). Phantams seem tempting too. Thanks!
sensonio wrote:
Well Wrecker, thank you for the build! I saw recently your tweet that it still might be viable and decided to test it. First time managed to reach endgame in HC and it's very surprising for me to be honest. Tried your RF Elementalist in SC previously and died a lot until i switched Flammability to Enfeeble. So I didn't expect too much starting with Chieftain in HC.
It turned out that I did all the acts playing alone - skipping Ultimatum trials, and overleveling pretty much of course. I hate using cries because I'm always forgetting about using them, so don't use EC, but it's still funny. Now mapping slowly. I leveled with Scorching Ray until 70. The end is coming for sure, but hey, I did it finally. HC is boring for me anyway, you can't experiment with anything what comes to your head. Aaaand it's too stressful :D
I think it could be a good idea to have one of the other classes in your build menagerie ;)
I like the Zombie build too, it gives so much fun without using myriads of keys combination.
Thanks sensonio! I saw your other post in the other thread too but I just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the feedback and your kindness. You have good things to say! Thanks for posting.
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