[3.11] Durimon Poop-Gear Starter Build 1: Volatile & Detonate Dead Build, Awk.8 T16 with 40c Only

Yes the problem was Sovereignty, thank u very much for the answer and the patience
thank you for your hard work , one question will you post a upgrade version or a min max version of this build in the future and any tips for leveling? thank you for sharing it
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I've Played your Ball Lightning in 3.9 and enjoyed it very much!! Looking forward to the VD/DD leveling guide and progression! Thank you so much!!!
Why do you run VD + DD at the same time?

Do they double-cast on corpses, or is it just that half the corpses proccing DD and half VD is better for single target since DD=More DPS and for clear since DD provides explosions?
Will there be any leveling guide before Harvest launch? :)
volley fire jewel doesn't work with barrage support gem
I'd also like some leveling guide since tree is mostly pathing and it allocates a lot of crit which kinda sucks for leveling afaik.
nice build, looks cheap and good for star, i like if you can add a lvl guide please.
nice build. hope you add some more info about this build

You had me at Poop build

Hope You'll post some more within the next 2 days or I going with the VD necro

Can't wait to see the best poop build - the miner

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