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Penance Brand is a new brand skill that playstyle completely different than before. Unlike previous brands, you suppose to self-case a lot instead of place one down and running.

The basic concept of Penance brand is you attach 2 brands to an enemy and both will help to charge the same energy on one enemy.

In this case, we do not want to have duration of brand
We want cast speed for our brand.

Dont treat Penance brand like old storm brand playstyle. You could think you are playing Stormcall that spread itself

Update of my league start thought:
This build is super fast at mapping. The single target damage is better than I thought but you need to constantly spamming brand. You should use Penance brand after 2 lab in order to get enough cast speed to felt less clunky.
Normally I don't check forum that often, if you have question ask me in game or check my profile.

Dont use brand recall

Update: POB Gem link update, ascendancy changes

Change log

23/06/2020: Gem section Update
17/06/2020: Tree Update

+Insane Clearing
+League Start
+Possible to min-max for insane damage
-Playstyle might not your type
-Require a lot of self-cast for single target
-Glancing blows nerf we might unable to reach full block

You want to use a shaper base with at least item level 85 wand then use alteration to craft:
must(At least 1 of this):
- Gain #% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
- Cast Speed
- Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage

Keep(At least 1 of this):
+1 level of all Lightning Spell Skill Gems
Adds $ to # Lightning Damage to Spells (T1/T2)
Critical Strike Chance for Spells

For league start, you could use some unique shield

For end game shield you want a shaper base, Titanium Shield, with high es. Recover es when block is insane for our build.

You could use Inpulsa or Carcass Jack.
Our end game chest will be a high es Sadist Garb
BIS is Eternity Shroud

You want to use Mark of the shaper and another elder ring with good resistance.

For amulet, you want gain phy as extra lightening, then good crit multi or resistance

For belt, you could use vise or crystal with good amount of resistance

Other Item

You could use this unique during league start and you had enough resistance. This could give us nice defense.
Other items should all be rare item with high es and good resistance

Arcanist Brand:

Penance Brand:

Orb of Storm:




We need to use Wrath watcher's eye to convert physical damage to lightning for better scaling.

For all rare jewel, you want:
- Crit Multiplier for Spells
- Crit Multiplier for Lightning Skills
- Crit Multiplier

For Flask:


Weaver the Arcane -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist -> Harness the void

Bandit: Kill All
Major God:Soul of Lunaris
Minor God:Soul of Gruthkul or Abberath

(Update, Final version)
If you cant use this in POB, make sure you are using POB Fork, I include cluster jewel as well

Cluster Jewel

You want 2 Remarkable, it will almost double your dps when trigger

Progression Order
League Start
During league start, you should use some life gear and play as hybrid life/es. You only switch to CI when you have enough gear to boost your es at least 5k.
Craft End Game gear
During switch to CI, you should decide whether you should go full chaos conversion or not. The difference is whether we need all shaper base item. If you decide to go full chaos conversion which is more damage but much more expensive, you should craft your shaper base es gear.

If you don't want to go full chaos, you don't really need shaper boots and helmet.

Leveling Tips
During leveling, you could dual wield 2 wands which will give you more damage. You could use the wand recipe to have a high flat damage wand during leveling.

A Rare Topaz Ring
A Magic wand
An Alteration orb

You could sell this three to a vendor for a nice leveling wand

You could use these 2 set-up until you get Penance brand in Act from library

Harvest Crafting
Resistance Fixed
Wild Bristlebeast Grain

ES on block shield
Primal Rhoa Seed
Remove a random non-Defence modifier from an item and add a new Defence modifier

Fossil Crafting

Before crafting, you should always use Perfect Fossil to increase the base energy shield on an item.

You should use a single Dense Fossil to craft your energy shield gear.

If you not aiming for full chaos conversion, you should get a Crusader base which could roll -9% lightning resistance. You could use Metallic Fossil to boost the chance on this roll.

When you don't have enough resistance, you could add Prismatic Fossil to craft your elder ring or boots

Rare Chest Crafting
1. Buy an Item level 86 Sadist garb
2. Use perfect fossil to boost the quality to at least 29%
3. Craft the cheapest +18% quality on the chest (Much easier for 6 socket and links)
4. Start to make it 6 sockets and 6 links
5. Check your gem set-up, if you using 2 red or more, use alteration to get reduce requirements
6. Use Chromatic to get your right color
7. Start to use fossil to craft high evasion+es gear
8. Craft +18% quality on it again

Why Trickster?
Trickster had really good damage for conversion spell. It also gives us good amount of defense and cast speed for what we need about new brand skill.

Mana Issue
Weave the Arcane + Clarity

Current Gear

item post="23247406" index="61"]
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Looks very good sir, well made.
Will be playing this at league start
doesn't regen 0.5% dmg as life :D
All content :hmm:
Heyyy Waiting for the guide :D
I know its not finished yet but, what is the ascendancy going to be?

Thank you;D
How can you say this is a league start or all content viable when the stats of the skill gem aren't even revealed yet. Very misleading. You should list this as a theory craft build
Rolls wrote:
Heyyy Waiting for the guide :D
I know its not finished yet but, what is the ascendancy going to be?

Thank you;D

Swift killer will be generating charges while mapping but what about bossing?...
Since we're not using any channelling skill
Rolls wrote:
Swift killer will be generating charges while mapping but what about bossing?...
Since we're not using any channelling skill

For standard brand build, you could use divine ire with infused channeling to boost our damage even further. Which we could have charges for sirus or other fights.

Currently, we still donno how much we need to spam Penance brand and new tree.
Another choice is to use :
Weave the Arcane:
25% increased Mana
Movement Skill cost no mana
20% increased cast speed
20% chance to recover 10% of mana when you use a skill
6% reduce damage taken after spend total of 200 Mana

It boosts our cast speed and helps our mana recover. I need to test it during league start to make sure whether this is a good choice. Swift killer is a more safe choice for mapping.
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