3.10.2c Patch Notes

The patch broke the game... stuck in an endless cycle: Downloading patch, starting game, trying to log in, getting error message "there's a new patch you need to download", ending game, downloading patch...

same here
same. broke my game. first time ever. trying to reinstall now to see if it fixes it on stand alone client
over 3 GB? can hardly call that a patch anymore.
nice !
So slowly but surely POE gets quite boring in my opinion! Only the " Atlas " is changed, but the Acte 1-10 remain correct / are after a long time really boring without sense again and again the same " chop of yesterday " eat is scrap! Personally, I think that something urgently needs to be changed here! At the end of my comment it is urgently necessary to bring the server to a good " ping " situation gets worse from addon to addon!


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