3.10.2 Patch Notes (restartless)

Hello Dev's and Community

I usualy dont post alot, but implementing VULKAN renderer is a awesome step in the right direction to make the game more Performance-Stable.
Just made the first test on T16 delir map with slaying from beyond mod and experienced a huge improvement.

Im using a Vega 64 GPU and old i7 CPU.

Thank you for this, its totaly amazing and i didnt expected it, make a big news out of it!
Pavel636 wrote:
bvanharjr wrote:
Recommended GPUs: RTX series ONLY. ALL AMD GPUs (including the 5700XT) are not supported.

funny how is working on gtx 650ti o.0 :D

I don't know where he got it. Works on and rx590 on Linux it's definitely not a rtx or Nvidia card
running windows 7 home edition even tho i shouldn't be but that's all i got at the moment NVIDIA gtx1050 running off a samsung 1tb solid state drive currently 60fps seem's ok with no prob or stutter thx GGG.....
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works very good for me. the difference in performance is quite visible and it feels good. thanks
Amazing performance with VULKAN update, 0 stuttering. I was running this game really bad with stuttering mess, now is running flawless. Fps looks the same but stability is amazing. Hope peoples share the feeling after update.


r5 3600
b450m gaming-br
2x8gb ddr4 3000 cl15
ssd 480gb
gtx 1660 Super

Work well on rx 580 :D never go under 110 fps in big fight! (with my settings)
no stuttering too!
having the opposite effect, somehow the game is unplayable since the patch, I'm getting drops to 0 fps for no reason, 1 to several seconds of the game just freezing, including in my hideout. happens in both DX11 and vulkan. performance was fine before. any clue to what may be happening?
worked it out, has to be selected in login menu
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I have an RX 5500 XT. At this point it does not exceed 30 FPS with Vulkan engine. No chrashes for now. Anyway - just continue with your efforts in that direction, I appreciate that.
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