[3.11 Viable] Freezing Pulse MoM Trickster / Late-Game 15mil+ Shaper DPS / League-Start Viable

Hello! Which Pantheon do you recommend?
Polkageistt wrote:
Hello! Which Pantheon do you recommend?

For most builds i like to go with Soul of Solaris as the major Pantheon, just because it provides very generic defenses that can apply to almost any build in any situation of the game.

However, if you find yourself getting stunned a lot, Soul of the Brine King might be beneficial as well.

Similarly, my Minor Pantheon is almost always Soul of Ryslatha just to give us better sustain during the longer boss fights like Sirus.
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Sorry if these are stupid questions-

How do you apply/keep up ignite for the cinderswallow buff?

Does the cold exposure from 'Corrosive Elements' cluster node stack with Wave of Conviction exposure?

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How do you assign two nodes to your amulet?
Or do you just put in both to choose?

I played a build similar to this back in 3.9, Assassin Low Life, with power charge stacking. https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/BlueeGreg/characters?characterName=The_Albertan

I'll share some thoughts:

Self-cast Freezing Pulse is very fun, but it takes awhile to get online and needs levels + currency to feel good.

For prolonged, phased boss fights, this build is mediocre at best. Sirus is extra difficult because no adds to refill your flasks.

Freezing Pulse suffers from not having a lot of good supports to choose from. Pinpoint Support in 3.12 might change that!

Trickster (Weave the Arcane) looks really good for solving some of the mana issues I had as Assassin.

Elemental Focus Support shouldn't be used, because you want reliable freezing on high HP targets (also reliable igniting for Cinderswallow flask). Hypothermia Support is a reasonable replacement here.

Frost Bomb and Wave of Conviction do not stack, since the Exposure they apply overwrites itself. Checking both boxes in POB causes a false inflation of DPS.

Vaal RF probably shouldn't be checked in POB, since its only used on 'easy' bosses and is just about worthless on 'hard' bosses like Uber Elder and Sirus.

Curse on Hit ring (or glove corruption) for Frostbite is insanely useful, and with 100% uptime. Support skills from totems are delayed, totems die, and can't be relied upon.

Instead, self-cast Frost Bomb for beefy enemies is a good setup, and feels near-instant with all your cast speed. Add on Bonechill Support, to increase your Freezing Pulse DPS and freeze power. Spell Cascade Support greatly increases your area and improves your odds of hitting your target. Increased Duration Support adds over a full second to the lifespan of the pulsing stuff, and of course makes the Exposure last even longer.

I like your take on this, and how you've made it not Low Life yet still strong and tanky.
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