[3.10] [Feedback request] Oni-Goroshi Raider

I haven't played Path of Exile since 2018. Back then I was quite fond of my Oni-Goroshi-wielding Raider.

So this is an attempt to modernise the Engineering Eternity build I was using -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxEJx95OqS4 -- by using Torstein's comparable Berserker build -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2784358 -- to catch up with what's new in PoE.

Normally by mixing two competent builds I can't be too far off. But I'm well out of practice, so I wouldn't mind a reality check.

It's not an endgame built. I'm a fairly casual player, seldom getting to the red maps. And I chiefly play self-found.


Oni-Goroshi #1 (clearing) -- 6L
Infernal Blow - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Added Fire - Ancestral Call - Melee Splash

Oni-Goroshi #2 (boss - weapon swap) -- 6L
Blade Flurry - Concentrated Effect - Infused Channeling - Melee Physical Damage - Damage on Full life - Close combat

Auras -- 4 sockets
Herald of ash, Blood/sand, Flesh/stone, Dread banner (70% total mana reservation).

Mobility and bossing -- 2L, 2 sockets
Whirling blade - Fortify, Punishment, Ancestral protector.

CWDT - 3L on tombfist gloves
Cast when damage taken 2 - immortal call 4 - cold snap 8


Core is a pair of oni-goroshi, plus a Kaom chest. I'll also use my old tombfists, I like them.

The build is INT-challenged to support Conc Effect and Infused Channelling. My plan is to spam a high-intrinsic white lapis amulet with shrieking essences of spite. That alone is 75-ish points of Intelligence, handling the issue. Hopefully it'll also get some life/resists.

This frees up everything else to simply be life and resists rares. At this point I'm not considering endgame stuff with speciality equipment.

I have some Darkray Vectors in my closet. But a single resist and no life is pushing it.


Raider : Way of the poacher - avatar of the slaughter (the Frenzy ones), then rapid assault (the onslaught ones).

First stab at a passive tree -- https://tinyurl.com/y9ex85df . It goes to level 91 since that's where I usually stall. But it seems... I dunno, a bit stretched out.

What you can see from the gems and the 6L weapons, plus raider-boosted 7 Frenzy charges, plus raider-boosted Onslaught. Plus intimidation from the tombfists, I guess..

The passives have okay-ish damage and crit increases, and even some physical pen. And all that DEX generates high Accuracy. But I'm clearly focusing on life, frenzy charges and leech.

Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics, high Evasion, massive amounts of leech, enhanced evade chances, blind, fortify (from whirling blade repositioning), immunities from the oni-goroshi, phasing, and 20 pounds of life in a 15 pounds bag.

My reflexes are awful, so I favour error-tolerant builds. Hence the emphasis on life, passive evasion, and raising the leech cap.

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