We're always happy to show off the talents of our players to the wider community. For today's news post we gathered several pieces of recently submitted Path of Exile fan art. Check them below!

Young Golemancer by KungFuPanda2

Nine-Tailed Fox Pet Air Brush by Cocaneman

Strange Voice and Voices Fanart by HoldimProvae

Solaris by yellowsubmarinedude

Kitava Fanart (made by using every piece of Kitava lore and dialogue) by textartguy

Strange Voice Fanart by Doranex

The Twilight Strand Painting by recoilwhenyouwake's Mum

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Grinding Gear Games
Delirium is a disaster of a league. If you don't like to see clearspeed meta flourish in your game, it seems obvious to me not to design an entire league mechanics around promoting a clearspeed meta.
now make synthesis go core :>
Kutuzovh wrote:
now make synthesis go core :>

Now this does put a smile on my face. <3 synthesis
Absolutely stunning art by everyone here. I can't believe we have so many incredibly talented people in this community! Thank you for sharing artists <3
That is Kitava one looks awesome. The young goemancer is cool too.
Good stuff
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Kutuzovh wrote:
now make synthesis go core :>


on both counts
Le Toucan Will Return

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