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cgexile wrote:

I really like the Towering hideout. However, I can't get rid of the damn masters that are crowding it. I don't need Tane, Niko, or Einhar and we use to be able to 'dismiss' masters but that is no longer the case.

I really want to push them off the ledge!

Come on now why can't I remove a few??

Edit: oh and Kirac is really f'n useless I mean he is only there for the campaign and he only does anything once in a blue moon (when you proc a guardian). Talk about a waste of space as he clearly didn't amount to anything in life either; 1-shot by Sirus instantly.

Move them with keyboard. For some reason they will then remain where you put them.

I want to remove them not move them. I mean i can stack them on top of each other and put a pillar over them to pretend they are not there but I mean come on.
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Sectiplave wrote:
Marisbury wrote:
Well done.
Mount Olympus is best.

Yeah I want the import file for that.

The names listed for each hideout are links to the forum threads for their hideouts, which all the ones i've checked have links off to get the import.

Thanks mate! Will check that out now, gotta get that Mount Olympus!
Thanks for the showcase, really appreciate it!
check out my hideout templates at https://hideoutshowcase.com/viewprofile/Noooberino/uploads
any chance to get loudouts of mounf of olymp and tree of life?

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