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nome0000 wrote:
I don't understand why the OP uses Damage on Full Life Support with Scinteels. This support gem works only with Attack Skill (even has "Attack" tag in description). According to POEDB, Scinteels have no abilities tagged as "Attack", so it seems that gem is useless.

Is this true can anyone confirm? That would be quiet an oversight.

I followed this build at the very beginning of my spectres build and my clearing was eh, my overall EHP was laughable and my bossing was non-existent, not to mention most of the supports OP adds onto each type of Spectre either aren't the correct ones or don't synergize well, leading to a build that'll maybe clear maps but won't do anything else and also die too much while doing so.

I had to change A LOT to make my build viable, now I'm using sentries and I'm oneshotting bosses.

Can you post a PoB or some general tips what should people do differently to what is in the OP? Atm I'm struggling with survivability and the damage isn't that great either.
nome0000 wrote:
Soapyyy wrote:
Is it okay if my amulet has physical dmg?

And also this is my build for now, kinda expensive to upgrade atm :<

Yeah it's fine, the only type of added damage you don't want is any that would cause your EE to stop proc'ing for your desired element. How's the build coming along for you, are you using Scinteels?

For now I am using Slave Drivers coz I dont know how to get those Scinteel and also I am running low tier (white) maps coz I am scared I might die again and again hahahah. Do you recommend me to upgrade any on my gear that I am using atm?
Best of guides i have ever red! Harvest is my first league and i didnt read any of them, just researching for Heist right now, but your guide is so easy to follow and search! Items with details? Gems in order? POB? With lvl10-90? With tons of different setups? Mate, really nice job!

Otherwise, its pretty weird you suggest only shields as unique items. I red a few summoner guides and most of they mentioned a Baron and Queens Escape, Shapers touch (what i just found out was nerfed), Geofri's chest etc. AND Amplification Rod!!! That gives +2 level of socketed gems and supports with Spell echo, intesnify, controlled destruction at lvl10! I think its kinda good and as low budget version capable to do the job. (Just checked, its not that budget friendly, kinda hard to obtain, but there is a cheaper version with only spell echo supp)

I was up to stack strength, i think you changed my mind...

Just again, really awesome job there!

Edit 1: I hope you are gonna check at 3.12 about changes!! Following you! :)

Edit 2: I dont understand the differences, between POB and other sources. Just for example about Elemental Army Gem. In POB it says 5% increased maximum resistance. At this link it says 2% at lvl20. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Elemental_Army_Support

Which one is for real? Is the gamepedia outdated?
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How did this build do after delirium went core (specifically with the changes/nerfs to cluster jewels)? Do we still need them? Are they ass-expensive now?
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So this build is incredibly expensive at the moment with the way Necromancers are so popular.

To get stats anywhere near the post title - you need to heavily invest (multiple mirrors - probably similar cost to an Aurastacker), crafting or buying.

The only reason I had enough currency was due to a Zombiemancer build that was easier to get going, would not recommend as a league starter.

With the gear that I have now, I can easily take on any content, most of it deathless - just not as tanky as I would like. Also it is essential to use deathmark and Flesh Offering when taking on Guardian level bosses and above.

The guide is excellent however, and provided great insight on what Spectres to use (I ended up with the Baranite Thaumaturge (Awakened GMP for mapping)).

There are other builds out there that can achieve more for the same cost though, I will admit this was pretty fun to play with (first time using Spectres - as my main DPS).

Hi, sorry for my ignorance, how do I make the spectres attack from ranged?
Hey, I am currently running your build with Redemption sentinels specters, but I fell like I lack damage so hard. I am doing t13-t16 maps and sinces are getting really slow.

What specters woule be the best one to use now with the redemption sentiels nerf ? thanks
If someone has Scinteel Synthete spectres in heist sc, hit me up @Fukki
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Ive Bought a map and can desecrate Scinteel Synthete them.
10c fee if u want

I can also desecrate the Baronite Thaumaturge
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which auras use for Scinteels? zealotry or haste is better?

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