[3.10] Impale CVR Gladiator | TANKY, 7-8 M Shaper DPS | UE/A8 Sirus/Simulacrum 20/20 ALL DONE

Hello and welcome to this VERY TANKY gladiator build that uses 3 main skills: Cyclone, Vengeance, Riposte (CVR). We have layers of defenses and tons of DPS, making this build very relaxing to play and it can beat all contents with ease. Cheaper and expensive versions are available, making it a progressive build.

Videos first

A8 Sirus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soQgUClg648

"Die" beam tanked at 4:58. Didn't even break a sweat:)

T16 Maze of the Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmLzG2brLRI

T15 fully juiced Bazaar (Beyond + Hunter Influence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucl-pO3UHLw

Build Mechanics --- Please Read First

1. First of all, why cyclone?

Pure Riposte/Vengeance build has low clear speed and therefore is bad in Delirium. Also it can feel bad against boss that don't hit often but hit hard (i.e. Sirus, you really don't wanna tank his fat beams). So we use cyclone as our main skill. Cyclone charges up Challenger charges in boss fights, giving us lots of APS and movement speed. It also proc impale stacks like nothing else, greatly stabilize the DPS output of Riposte/Vengeance.

2. Why Riposte and Vengeance?

Because we have 79/79 block, these are basically free damage. LOTs of free damage. Help with clear as well.

3. Why use Stave?

Good block chance, two 6-links, free endurance charges. They also give good AOE.

POB + Skill tree

Currently at level 95.


We use a timeless jewel: lethal pride, Kiloava, to transform Resolute technique into Glancing blows. Effect on Notables to look for are: increased fortify effect, Intimidate on hit, max life, melee crit multi. These aren't that important.

Skill Tree:


Pros & Cons

- Layers of defenses. 6K+ HP, Fortify (50-70% increased fortify buff), 79/79 attack/spell block, 50-70% Physical reduction, Flesh and Stone.
- Smooth map clear.
- 5-8 M sustainable Shaper DPS
- Not expensive to get started (6-7 ex)
- Can do all map mods easily except for physical reflect maps.

- Expensive to min-max.
- Need to watch out for Chaos damage and DOT.

Change log

04/26/20: Build Guide Posted

Contents I have done with this build

-A8 Sirus (1 death)
-Uber Elder (1 death)
-T16 map farming
-100% Delirium T16 Map farming
-Simulacrum 20/20
-Delving 400+

Gearing, Skill gems

My Current Gear

Gear explanations


Just about every stats in this Stave is great. Try get high quality (>26) it makes a big difference.



Easy choice. Worry not about the increased physical damage taken. We can take it, no problem.


Armor + Gloves:

Cheap option (preferred option): Belly + Haemophila (vulnerability on hit corrupt is ideal)

If using this setup, switch Ruthless in the Riposte setup to Bloodlust. It is a huge DPS boost.

Expensive option: Explode chest + good rare (better clear, more life, more stats. Less single target DPS)


Amulet, rings, boots, belt:

Good rares to fill out resist, dex. Make sure rings and amulet have open prefix to craft -3 mana cost to channeling skill. We also need quite a bit accuracy from these + jewels. Tailwind on boots is good but not needed.


Lethal pride Timeless Jewel

We use a timeless jewel: lethal pride, Kiloava, to transform Resolute technique into Glancing blows.


Cluster Jewel

Currently I am using 1 large + 2 small

Overlord is a must. Other than that it is just life and dex for me

Gem links

See Gearing section


For leveling, I used earthquake and self-crafted staves. Pretty straightforward.



Arena Challenger-> painforged -> violent retaliation -> Versatile combat



Major God: Soul of Solaris
Mminor God: Soul of Tukohama



Kill all



Vicious Skewing

Helmet Enchant


Reduced Riposte CD.

Important notes --- Please Read


1. Sand dance for mapping, blood for bossing
2. Keep your fortify up.

Concluding remarks

I enjoy building around off-meta, unpopular uniques items and/or skills. Check out my Youtube to see if there is a build you like:


Here are my other build guides:

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Elementalist Storm Brand-Autobomber:

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Dance with Death Cyclone + Varunastra Assassin

All U Need is One Good SWEEP: Big Sweep + Shockwave JUGG

Impale Stone Golemancer Build

If you like the content, you can consider buying me a coffee:)


Thank you!
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trying this at the moment. It seems like just what I was looking for. I will get back to you with feedback :D
null0ne wrote:
trying this at the moment. It seems like just what I was looking for. I will get back to you with feedback :D

Awesome! Let me know if you have any questions~
Hello ! I like your build but i didn't get how did you have fortify ?
Hello ! I like your build but i didn't get how did you have fortify ?

The Overlord notable in the large cluster jewel grant 6 seconds of fortify on melee hits with a staff

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